Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday in July

    On Saturday mornings Ashley and I like to get up and go to our
     Farmers Market.  We enjoy walking around.  Today we picked up.

I can not pass up bows for Ashley.  Today we got a back to school headband with a school bow on it.  Then Illini football is about to start - so had to get an orange and blue bow.  ( I think my count is up to 10 Illini bows). 

Some more pictures of the market -

Then we went off to Rantoul - to see grandma and grandpa for a minute.  Sebastian and Raphael are staying with them for the weekend.  Rantoul was also having a truck and airplane show.  I thought that would be fun for the kids.

                       Sebastian and I.  We liked this blue truck! 

    They also had a car show.  Ashley had to bring along a hand puppet. 

                    They liked this car - the hood was up!

                      They thought this was a coke can.  I think my grandpa Taylor use to drink this kind of beer.

                                          I think Sebastian was thinking about getting on the bike.

By the time it was to go and see the airplanes they were fighting like cats and dogs.  We had to just go back to grandma and grandpa's.  

This is my life that they will not look at the camera's for pictures.  I think Sebastian enjoyed looking at the trucks.  Ashley was asking where were the games and fireworks!!!

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