Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie - Loving Wednesday makes me smile.

What I am Loving -  Ashley is 4 years old.  I loved her cake - she told me exactly what she wanted the cake to look like.

I am Loving - that this last Saturday we finished up Cross Country for the season.  My girls team made it to state and did a wonderful  job!

I am Loving - We finished the first 9 weeks of School - Dreaming of this:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am linking up with Lauren for Fill in the Blank Friday.  Feel Free to play along.
 1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was

2. When it comes to working out  I wish I had a set time  that I would go work out. I wish I went everyday and worked out,  that I would ride the bike, run, go to spinning class.  It is hard to run with the cross country team because I feel I need to be watching them in case of emergency.

3. A woman should always confident or what your represent.  Or what your next goal is. If you want to be the principal of the school dress like the principal.

4. I wish I could make tons of money   and then I'd   help the ones that needed money.  The people that jobs are holding the billboard signs up.  I wish I would take them a coke or a sandwich. 

5. A best friend is    that is always there for you.  Believes in you and understands you. Lets you be you.

6. I can't get enough of  cakes and sweets.

7. This weekend I am  going to Normal for my Cross Country Team they run at State.  Last weekend to get up early. 

Cross Country 2011

 We celebrated tonight at Minneci's before the big race on Saturday.  I think the girls  had a great time

My mom made the girls ribbon flip flops.  Ashley also came to the dinner with my mom.  Ashley did a great job - we did start to melt down toward the end.  Some of the girls families also came to eat with us.

  I wish I had more pictures of the night except I am not sure where my camera is.  I have not seen it since Ashley birthday party.  I have not downloaded those pictures yet either.

  I hope my girls run great on Saturday.  I also hope Illinois wins in football.  It has been a wonderful season!!!!

This is last years picture at State - I am going to miss the 8th grade girls next year 6 of the 9 our 8th grade.  It has been a very fun to watch the girls grow into such lovely young ladies from 6th grade to 8th grade.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fill in The Blank Friday


I am linking up with Lauren for Fill in the blank Friday.  I am hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  My Cross Country Team runs at Sectionals this weekend.  Good Luck Knights! 
1.   Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is   - the dugging dance - I am not even sure where it originated from.  Why is it so popular?

2.   Something unpopular that I secretly love is  -  roller skating - I want to take Ashley to the roller skating rink and teach her to skate.


3.  When I've had a bad day  -I  go home and lay on the bed with my pillow over my head.  Wish I could hide under a rock and not come out.
4. I'd prefer  a good time with the family  to buying new clothes any day.

5.  Something that makes me nervous is  - loosing a family member.  I just do not want my parents to grow older.

6.  Something worth fighting for is   advacating for you children.
7.  When people think of me, I hope they think   she is hard working and a wonderful mother and a sweet christian women.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley

“So I’ll dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms
Cause I know something the prince never knew…

I’ll dance with Cinderella, I don’t wanna miss even one song.

Cause all too soon, the clock will strike midnight. And she’ll . Be. Gone.”

   Ashley is my Cinderella - Happy Birthday Ashley

     I can not believe you are 4 years old - it just seems like yesterday I got the call for my first foster placement.  Look at you now you are  Ashley Taylor Saveley.
       Some people would say you are the Queen of the house - I would not want to have it any other way.
      You love your  routine and staying at your house 
      You love to tell everyone your name is Ashley Taylor Saveley.
      You also love to tell everyone that I am your mom.  Which melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.
      You love to ask me "what are we late for" - I must tell you often that we need to hurry we are going to be late.
      You love to sit on my lap and drive the car into the driveway.  You are always asking if you can drive or sit up front.
       You love your red bean bag.
      You are learning to use the T.V. remote and pick out your shows.  You love to watch Dora, Word World, Wiggles and even Batman.
       Your favorite color is purple.
       You love to eat cheese and corn dogs and nuggets.  If we want to get Pizza you say it must come from Papa Del's Pizza.  I think you are going to have great taste and be a dinning diva like your mom.
        You love your memaw and pepaw so much!!!  You are always wanting to call them.  You wake up in the morning and look in memaw room to see if she is here.
         You still get up in the night for a drink or you say to check on me.  You are a very early riser -  you have never learned to sleep in.
         You love our small group.  You also love to go to church on Wednesday and Sundays.  I sure hope that I teach you to love the lord.  I also hope that I teach you to follow your heart.
         You take swiming lessons once a week.
          Pepaw still thinks you are going to play softball when you get older.
          You will be starting tennis in Nov.
           I can not wait for you and Sebastian to start soccer together - I think that is going to be your sport.
            When you see a picture of a "knight" you ask me if that is me - you love Franklin Middle School -

     I hope you know how much I love you and being your mother.  You have brought so much joy and life to our family. I can not imagine what I would be doing with my life if I did not have you in it.  I love you Ashley Taylor Saveley.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am Loving - that Thursday Ashley turns 4 years old!!!!  I can not believe that it has been 4 years already!!!!

I am Loving - that Saturday is Sectionals for Cross Country!!!!! I think I have made it 11 years coaching - not sure I have lost count!!!

I am Loving - that I have Monday off 4 day work week next week.  Next Friday is the end of the 1 quarter at school.

I am Loving - my mom and dad - I could of never done the last 4 years without them.  I appreciate them more then they will ever know.