Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Simplify

I am going to join in Project: Simplify - this is how it works.  If you get a chance go over to Tsh blog it is pretty neat.

For four Mondays, I’ll say “go,” and we’ll all tackle a specific hot spot in our homes. Then on Friday,  Tsh will share her own progress with before and after photos—and you will, too. You can share on your own blog and then link to it to

  • Week of March 5: Kids’ stuff—toys, clothes, and the like

  • Week of March 12: Kitchen and/or pantry

  • Week of March 19: Closets, countertops, and drawers (oh my)

  • Week of March 26: Choose your own adventure—you pick your most-needed hot spot

  • You can interpret each hot spot for how it works best for you. If it feels overwhelming to tackle all your kids’ rooms, just do one kid. Or just do their clothes. For our third hot spot, feel free to focus on just one or two drawers, or only the closets, of whatever.

    I think it is worth a try - sure hope it works -

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    It's Ok Thursday

      * It's OK -  to open up in Wed night bible study, shed some tears with some friends. 
       * It's OK - to sing in the car to your favorite tunes. When you do not have  a musical note in your body.
       * It's OK - to be excited about going on a girls weekend in 9 days. To cheer on my Racers.
       * It's OK - to be looking at the calendar - checking to see when the next day of school is off.
        * It's OK - to be thinking about what this summer swim suite is going to look like.

    Happy Thursday!!!!!!!

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    What I'm Loving Wednesday

    I am Loving -  That our God is a Faithful God. 

     Isaiah 49:7 This is what the LORD says--the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel--to him who was despised and abhorred by the nation, to the servant of rulers: "Kings will see you and rise up, princes will see and bow down, because of the LORD, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you."

    I am Loving - That Thursday night - is Franklin Volleyball  8th grade night.  I can not believe these girls our 8th graders.  I am happy to be about done with sports this year.......

    I am Loving - that in 9 days I will be in Nashville for the OVC Basketball Tournament to cheer on my RACERS.  I can not wait to see my old college roomates - it seems like yesterday not 15 years!!!!!

    I am Loving - Ashley and I Friday night are going to see - Pinkalicious  at Parkland.  She is so excited. 

    I am Loving -  She is the reason why I wake up in the morning!!!!

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Show Us Your Life

    Today I am linking up with Kelly on singles mom's.  I would have to say I do not feel like a single mom because I have my family's help.  They never tell me no when I ask them to keep Ashley for me.  They treat Ashley like a daughter.  For that I am so grateful.  Being Athletic  Director is not set up for single mom's.  With my family's help I have been able continue that passion.

    I like to say that I am single by choice.  Ashley is adopted it was a God's doing the entire journey.  I am not going to say I do not worry daily if I teaching Ashley everything she needs to know.  I do strive to surround her around loving people.  I will not lie it does break my heart when she ask about a Daddy.  Or I see T-shirts that say Daddy's little princess.  Or when its time for the daddy daughter dance and our friends our picking out their dresses.

    Teaching middle school and hearing stories of children that come from single parents and the people that have been in and out of their lives.  Makes me more aware that I need to be very careful of who I let into Ashley and I lives.  In this season in my life I am focusing on Ashley.  I love taking her to soccer planet and tennis and just last weekend we went to our first play.  I love being a mom and we are a family. 

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Loving Wednesday

    I am Loving - the Valentines that I made for Ashley class.  I found them on Pinterest.

    I am Loving - my students from Franklin that went on the fan bus to the Sectional Boys Basketball game - We lost but we were loud!!! We took 56 middle school students on the bus.

    I am Loving - the cookies that I took to our small group Super Bowl cookies they are from Fairy Tale Sweets.

    I am Loving - my Murray State Racers - OVC CHAMPIONS!!!
    I am Loving - that on Saturday look who is coming to Murray  for the Bracket Buster Game -

    I am Loving - Kaitlyn and Kyle are engaged.  Ashley and I are so excited for them.

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    What I'm Loving Wednesday

    I am Loving - That my KNIGHTS are playing in the 8th grade Sectional Basketball game.  We are playing Edison - which is another middle school in Champaign.  GOOOOOO  KNIGHTS!!!!

    I am Loving - That my racers are still Winning in Basketball!!!  That I am going to OVC tournament in Nashville in March with my college roommates!!!

    I am Loving - that we have not had snow this winter!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!