Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Ashley is doing the happy dance no school tomorrow.  It's not for snow its because of cold. 
Snow is heading in our way tonight and will bring high winds and cold temperatures along. We expect driving conditions to get fairly rough due to blowing snow this evening with some isolated white out areas. Temperatures will be droping through the 20s between 8 and 10 with winds up to 20 mph continuing to rise. By midnight, our winds will be up to around 30 mph with higher gusts.

We'll start our Monday with a temperature of around -1 and that will likely be the high temperaure of the day. Monday will also be a breezy day with winds up to 20 mph and higher gusts. Temperatures throughout Monday will be between -5 and zero, creating a wind chill of down to around 30 below zero.

 We need to practice taking selfies.  We our excited about our day off tomorrow.  What should we do?  I should of went to the store so we could bake.


 Ohh happy day!!!!!  Life is good!!!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


 One of my mom's goal was when Ashley went to school she would be able to skate.  In PE they have a skating unit.  Being the PE teacher I did not want my child not to be able to skate.  We have gone a few times except Ashley was not that into skating she was wanting to play the games and they have laser tag that she thinks it is the best game around.

  I did not reach that goal and they started skating last week in PE.  The first day Ashley said I did not skate too much because I fell and could not get up.  I think it motivated her because she has been begging me to take her skating so she could practice.

  So we went today - and we practiced.

 Ashley was determined to be able to skate like everybody else.  She was so dancing to music and claping while she was skating.  She kept saying this is a great party!!! I kept saying lets stay close to the wall she was like no - I going to be out their with the fast skaters.


So after practicing for awhile she decide that she wanted to go off with her friends.  She told me I could protect her from a distance.


I just don't know where the last 6 years have gone?  I do think I will be spending some more Saturday afternoons at the skating rink.  She seems to really enjoy skating and wants to learn.

Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on 5 Friday

I Love linking up with the girls for FIVE ON Friday. Makes you excited for the weekend!

1. This weekend we get to go celebrate with Whitney. Its her baby shower. I can't wait!!!

2. Court was this week for "Little D" mom - its been a challenge but we have really fallen in love with him.  I could of never done it without my mom's help.  We sure will miss him when he moves on.

3.  I only had to go to school 2 days this week.  2 days this week I had curriculum writing and then I was off yesterday for Little D's court.  I did have to go back and work the basketball game after tonight only 1 more home basketball game this season.  Besides regional that we are hosting... I am kind of missing everybody!!!


4.  Ashley started piano last Friday - I wanted to take a picture last week of her first day.  I was  embarrassed to ask except I am going to get one this week.  Which reminds me we have piano homework to do and I don't have a clue.

5.  My dad had his battery in his defibrillator replaced.  He is doing  well.  His color is much better now.  He sleeps all the time.  He had been passing out randomly.  The Dr said he was being shocked by his defibrillator.  Its sad we can not leave Ashley alone with him anymore.  I just had a friend last week who father passed away while he was up in the deer stand and his 12 year old grand daughter was with him.  He had a heart attack the little girl had to call for help.  We just never know.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Can you believe its 2014 already!!!!

I am Loving - Ashley performed last night at Centennial with the Dance Team.  On Sunday they had a camp and tonight they performed.


I am Loving - MARK SCHULTZ, a platinum-selling, Dove Award-winning singer/ songwriter. Is coming to our church on March 7th.  There will also be two opportunities presented for you to partner with FCC's CHOSEN Orphan Care Ministry to provide a home for homeless orphans in Nepal and renovate a home of a local family whose lives have been given to caring for vulnerable children.

I am Loving -  this is going to be my motto for 2014 -


I am Loving - that we survived being snowed in last week for 3 days!!!!  We broke records on how cold it was here.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!  Happy New Year!!!!