Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I am Loving 2 days till Winter Break!!!  I sometimes think I get more excited then the kids.

I am Loving that today I had lunch with Kyle and my mom.  Thank you mom.  We love you so much!!!!!

I am Loving that yesterday I had lunch with Shelly and her girls.  The girls are so sweet and cute!!!  They really missed Ashley having lunch with us.

I am Loving the Christmas Season.  Even with all the hustle and bustle I do get excited.

I am Loving - the Christmas dresses I got for Ashley.  She is still so fun to dress...

I am Loving - the Christmas cards we are getting from friends in the mail.  I do love reading everybody Christmas letters and seeing the pictures.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, Monday - Start Over

     I know we blog about how great our lives our.  We try and put the best pictures on the blog.  Today is a day, that I need to be honest it was not wonderful and it just kept going downhill.

    This is how my bathroom door looks now.  Little D some how locked himself in the bathroom.  I did not even know it locked.  I thought I was going to have to call the fire dept.  I called Kyle thinking he was working but it sounded like I woke him up.  He came over but he was deathly ill.  He was home sick today. 

The best part of this was Kyle after we got Little D out he went in and shut the door.  I was like don't do that.  Of course he was locked in.  It was so funny Ashley said " oh this is getting good now" he yelling at me to kick the door in.  Not sure but somehow he was able to pry himself out. The he just took off the door knob and left it like this.

Then I go to the daycare to drop Ashley off so she does not miss her bus and I get blocked in by the food truck for about 10 Min
 So I have to wait in the car with little D before I can get him to daycare.

Then I  had court for Little D.  It ended up it was continued cause the most important parties did not show up.  How sad is that????

The highlight of the morning was breakfast with my mom.   Then in the afternoon did go to Wendy's with my dad he had to have X ray so he was out. He has lost 35 pounds in 3 months. I was glad that he was able to get out.  I probably have not been out with my dad since June.  He just does not get out anymore.

Then I had to go school to supervise our boys basketball game.  We won.  Except a student player after his game in the hallway was double over and was having a hard time breathing.  We had to call 911 and I had to ride in the ambulance with him.  Wait with him till his family could get there.  They think he had a piece of candy stuck in his airways.  They did release him tonight.

I think this is God telling me I need to slow down and spend more time with God in the word.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


    I was kind of jealous of reading Kelly's blog about them being snowed in for 5 days last week.  I was thinking about all the things I could get done and do if I was stuck at home for 5 days.  With know where to be......
    Friday night it was post to start snowing at 3:00 and it did :).  We were kind of bummed that we did not get to babysit London.  Her parents did not end of going to their party.


It snowed about 7 inches here Friday night.  Saturday morning we were post to go to a breakfast with Santa.  I talked with my mom and we decide we should not venture out in the snow.  I hated the  thought of being snowed in.  I know I just said I was jealous but I don't like thinking I can't go get my sonic coke if I wanted to.  So I made sure I could get my car out of the cud-sac and I drove it around the block.  The roads were not that great.
My brother Kyle called and said he would pick us up.  He has a 4 wheel drive.  He also said he knew me and I was probably crying that I was going to miss a chance to eat out. That I could not stay home.  We had breakfast with Santa it was great!!!!


We stayed in the rest of the day.  Sebastion came over and played.  They played in the snow and we played the cupcake game.


Sunday the roads were cleared and back to normal.  We went to church and the kids were singing on "Big Stage".  They did a great job.


Ashley looking up to make sure she is on the "Big Screen"

I can't believe how grown up she is getting!!!

Ended off our Sunday going to small group for a potluck.  Mexican theme.  The food was great.  The friendship was wonderful!!!  I know I say this every time but I can't imagine my Sunday's night without these friends.

Hope every has a great week.  5 more days till I am a stay at home mom for two weeks!!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Sleepover

 We had a great weekend.  Katelyn and Sophia spent Saturday with us and we had a sleepover.  It was so cute within the first 5 mins of being here they were already changed into dress up clothes.  It was so cute Sophia kept asking when is this sleep over going to get started???  It was only 9:00 in the morning.
   To start our day we went to church.  To practice our songs for Sunday.  The children our going to sing on  the "Big Stage" during church.  They have two songs.

Practicing before we practice on stage.  This is the room where we practice at on Sunday mornings.
              Big stage practicing.  Of course Ashley and Sophia have to be right on the edge.  Little D is up there being a big boy joining in on the practice. Even though he won't be up there on Sunday.

Our girls would not take off their hats.

   Then I told them after practice as long as they did a good job. We would go to McDonald's and play at the playland.   They did great at practice.  I just hope nobody was video tapping us getting out to the van from the practice.   We arrived and this is what was on the door to the playland. 

 I asked the manager what am I post to do with these kids??? As they are jumping around.  She kind of looked at me like I don't know.  She did unlock it and let me see how cold it was inside the room.  It was really cold.  All is good I did not panic - I loaded them up in the van.  It was so nice Shelly left us her van for the weekend.  We went to Rantoul's McDonald's playland.  My mom had met us at the Champaign McDonald's and I said jump in the van you can ride with us.  We are just going up the street.  ( it is a little farther then up the street)  As I am buckling everybody in Sophia yells "Lady get out of the van - you can't come with us" we are having a sleepover.....  Sophia not realizing it was my mom - we were telling her its our Grandma - she was not too sure....

 Later in the afternoon we went to the Urbana Park district to make and decorate Ginger Bread houses.  It was so much fun!!!  The girls loved it.

The set up was so nice.

                                           Every candy you could think of.


                                   The girls hard a work.


                   A little icing in the hair is part of the process.


                                         Katelyn is wearing the super girl cape. 
                           We needed super girl power's to be with us.

 Then we went home and played and played and played.  We all had to put on our PJ's early.  So the sleepover could get started.  I wanted a picture of little D with bows in his hair but every time I tried to get a picture he would take them out.  Its funny at 3 he already knows boys don't wear bows.  He enjoyed playing with the girls.  They were so good with him.

We had pizza and cookie dough for dinner..... What else do you eat at a sleepover?

This is what we woke up to Sunday morning.  The girls  and little D were so excited.


I was pretty excited we made it to church in one piece and on time.  It was a great sleepover.  I can't wait to do it again.  Already planning our activities......

Friday, December 6, 2013

5 on 5 Friday

1.  Excited that I get to keep these lovely girls for the weekend.  We are going to have a great time!!

2.  We won last night at our boys basketball game.  It was a close game with Jefferson.  It was a barn burner.   We won in overtime.  I love our boys....


3.  I am excited that our Christmas cards will be here any day.  I can't wait to share them with you.

4.  Ashley went to a wonderful princess birthday party this week.  I was excited the princess dress she wore I got after Halloween on sale!!!

5.  Our tree is up and Skinny the elf on the shelf is back!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend


We have so much to be thankful this time of the year.  Really every day we should be thankful.  I had a wonderful weekend.  I really never understood how much joy children bring to the Hollidays until I had Ashley. Some days I stop and think where would I be if I did not have Ashley in my life?  Ashley been counting down the days to Thanksgiving for the last three weeks.  It might have been cause Skinny the elf on the shelf arrives the day after Thanksgiving.  I hope Christmas lives up to all that she is expecting.  I keep reminding her Jesus is the reason for the season.  Its better to give then to receive.  We have not grasped that concept yet.

 Ashley and Little D and I went to Liz and Dan's for Thanksgiving.  They had about 50 extended family over it was really a great day.   Every year we make a craft or play flag football. This year we made a scarf for the craft.  The food was really good this year.  The downfall was my mom was not there my dad's health is not good and she felt she needed to stay home with him.  We are trying to not leave him alone.  He is hardly eating and falls allot during the day.  He sleeps most of the day.

Flag Football Team 2013

Little D playing with the ball - might have to find this for Christmas for him - it folds up really nice.

My brother Kyle worked till 7:00.  It was really nice Ileana invited Kyle, my mom, and myself and Ashley and little D over for Thanksgiving with her and Raphael and Sebastion.  Ileana did a wondeful job!! 

Friday I skipped shopping - It was just too much with the stores opening on Thursday night for my brain to wrap about the shopping idea was too much. Being a single mother I think Black Friday is impossible to do with children.  Once Ashley gets old enough to shop you can bet we will be out there getting the best deals.

I went and watched the J.V. basketball tournment in Mahomet on Friday and Saturday.  Oh how I do wish Ashley will play a sport.  I love watching sports and can't wait to be a real sports mom!!!!

Saturday night we went to the parade of lights in Champaign.  First time I have been.  It was neat.  The kids loved it.  The weather was great so it brought out lots of people.


Sunday we had church and our life group got together Sunday night.  Kyle also cooked out at my parents house but I missed that cause I was with my life group.  I was a little sad to miss the family time together.  Except it is crazy when you get Ashley, little D and Sebastion together.

Please pray for Ashley she is still having stomach issues and we went to the dr. on Wednesday and he started her on Senexon on weekends.  She is a real trooper with all of this.  I just want to give her big hugs and kisses.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am excited to bring in the Christmas season with Ashley.