Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am Loving - my Cross Country Team -

I am Loving - Smores in a jar - I want to hand these out around Halloween. 

I am Loving -  These two little ones!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Has Been Keeping Us Busy!!!

  We have been busy and I have been neglecting the blog.  I am going to get back into the routine.  I sure do Miss What I am Loving Wednesdays.  This is what we have been doing.

   School has started and I am coaching XC again this year - I think this is my 12th year.  Where does time go?  I have 61 runners out this season.  They are a really good group of kids.  My nephew Raphael is out for our cross town team Jefferson.  So it is so neat seeing my family at the XC meets. 

   On August 24 - we celebrated Ashley "Gotcha Day" -  I can't believe a year ago it was official she became a Saveley -  she has always been a Saveley to us.  We had a nice time a Village Inn for pizza and cake. 

The first time I saw you was like a dream come true.
No I didn't give you the gift of life
Life gave me the gift of you

Then on Thursday August 25, Ashley started  Early Learning threw Champaign Schools.  Its a pre-kindergarten class they come and pick her up on the bus at Chesterbrook in the afternoon and she goes to school.  Her afternoon consist of Centers, snack, message, gross motor, storytime/music, small group and then she comes back to Chesterbrook.

1st day of school!

We are so Lucky Grandma was here the 1st day of school - to help us get ready and see her off.  We love to have Grandma with us for these big days!!!

Ashley getting on the bus for her 1st day of School.

What is exciting is that Sebastian is starting the same school in the afternoons on Tuesday.  He will be riding the same bus.  He is also going to Chester brook in the morning.  It is fun picking them both up from school.

It is also ILLINI FOOTBALL - yesterday was the first game of the season and it was a home game.  WE WON!!!!!   Illinois 33, Arkansas State 15.  Ashley and I went Early to get our spot. We had a great day!!!

   This is Gina on the phone calling to say they forgot the food - they brought the cooler filled with Beer but left the food in the frig.

Ashley was wore out!!!!!  It was 95 outside it was a very HOT DAY!!!!!

We also celebrated Sebastian Birthday - He is now 3 - I do not know where time goes!!!

Ashley loves to play games!!  She got lots of candy!!!
Dad and Kyle

Saveley Family

Sebastian got a cute horse that you bounce on and it moves!  Next year must be the real pony!

A family
is made of love and tears,
laughter and years.
It grows stronger
with the passing of time.
More precious
with the making of memories.

sometimes a family is made of ones
you don't like for a while.....
But you love for a life time.
It's a gift whose value is found
Not in numbers but in its capacity
to love.

It's the place you find
someone to encourage you.
believe in you.
Celebrate with you and comfort you.
A family is where your heart
feels most at home because you're
Always wanted, always welcomed,
Always needed,
Always Loved.