Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday in July

    On Saturday mornings Ashley and I like to get up and go to our
     Farmers Market.  We enjoy walking around.  Today we picked up.

I can not pass up bows for Ashley.  Today we got a back to school headband with a school bow on it.  Then Illini football is about to start - so had to get an orange and blue bow.  ( I think my count is up to 10 Illini bows). 

Some more pictures of the market -

Then we went off to Rantoul - to see grandma and grandpa for a minute.  Sebastian and Raphael are staying with them for the weekend.  Rantoul was also having a truck and airplane show.  I thought that would be fun for the kids.

                       Sebastian and I.  We liked this blue truck! 

    They also had a car show.  Ashley had to bring along a hand puppet. 

                    They liked this car - the hood was up!

                      They thought this was a coke can.  I think my grandpa Taylor use to drink this kind of beer.

                                          I think Sebastian was thinking about getting on the bike.

By the time it was to go and see the airplanes they were fighting like cats and dogs.  We had to just go back to grandma and grandpa's.  

This is my life that they will not look at the camera's for pictures.  I think Sebastian enjoyed looking at the trucks.  Ashley was asking where were the games and fireworks!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I Get Another Day

I can stop thinking about shooting rampage in a movie theater Friday in Aurora, Colo.  He is accused of killing 12 moviegoers and injuring 58 others in a shooting rampage at a packed midnight screening of the new Batman film.

Then today I heard Natalie Grant song - I Get Another Day - and it just brought tears to my eyes.

Have I hugged Ashley enough today?  Have I told my Dad how much I love him and what a wonderful father he has been to me? Does my mom know how much I appreciate all she does for me.?

Ashley asked me today if I died - would that mean she will never have a mommy again?  She asked would God send me back as another person?  She has some real questions for 4 years old.

Been driving through the night
Pull up and see the lights
This is the place that I call home
I watch you as you dream
I think of all you mean to me

Touch your face
Kiss you softly
And before I go to sleep
I pray under the stars
Search my soul and check my heart
And thank God for

Another day
Another chance to love the ones I love
To find my way
To laugh, to dance
And watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live
As if every breath could be the last I take
I get another day

I've got a hand that I can hold
Someone who knows my soul
A safe place to lay my head at night
Still sometimes I forget
Just how much I've been blessed in life
I forget what means the most to me, yeah.

As I'm waking up I feel my beating heart
So grateful that I've come this far
And thank god for

Another day
Another chance to love the ones I love
To find my way
To laugh, to dance
And watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live
As if every breath could be the last I take
I get another day

Another day to make somebody smile
Go the extra mile
To take a wrong and make it right
Yeah, I'm tryin' to touch somebody's life
I get another day, yeah, yeah

Thank God for another day
Another chance to love the ones I love
To find my way
To laugh, to dance
And watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live
As if every breath could be the last I take
I get another day

To find my way
To laugh, to dance
And watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live
As if every breath could be the last I take
I get another day

I get another day
I get another day

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Today I am linking up with Neely and Amber for Its OK Thursdays!

 Its OK that I don't want summer to end - I love being a teacher and having my summers off.

 Its OK that I have to eat 2 Cadbury - Blue Bunny Double Chocolate bars to get the full effect.

 Its OK that I sleep with my phone.

 Its OK that I check twitter too many times to count.

 Its OK that I want to go back to eat at Big Grove Tavern

 I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  I am excited about the weekend.  We don't even have any big plans.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  I have so much to be Thankful for..... I am also linking up with Living Well for the first time. 

I am Loving - that I only have 2 more days of teaching Driver Education.  ( sad that summer is going by way to fast)

I am Loving - Tuesday nights getting together with my small group - just the women we are reading 1000 Gifts by
 Ann Voskamp.

I am Loving - my Erin Condren life planner.  That came this week!!!


I am Loving - that tomorrow night we are going to adoption fundraiser.  That is going to have Live blues/rock with Sean Michel, ballpark-style concessions (that's the fundraiser... for the King family's adoption of three sisters now in an orphanage in The Phillipines). It will be a evening of great music with good people, to help bring these girls home to their family.  Food sales and fun start at 6pm, music starts 7pm. Chili dogs, cotton candy, nachos, popcorn, and more... come hungry.  I can not tell you how blessed I am from adopting Ashley.  Some days it just brings tears to my eyes that God trust me in raising her everyday.

 I hope everyone has a great day!!!!  Remember we are very blessed!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lesson Plan Book - Erin Condren

Today I am linking up with  Meredith.  For  Show us Your Erin Condren Life Planners 2012-2013 .

 I just ordered my 2012 -2013 life planner.  I am so excited.  I got my first one last year and loved it.  Ordered our Christmas Cards from Erin and also my teacher plan book.  I would not even known Erin Condren existed if it was not for the blog world.

 Back in June I ordered my teacher lesson plan book for this upcoming school year. I loved mine from last year so much.  I was able to use my Plum discount with the teacher planner.  I am excited about my planner ( not ready for summer to be over)

 I wanted to show you some pictures of my teacher planner.  A must planner for every teacher.

This is where you write down your plans for the week.  Nice big squares plenty room to write.

   Love the colorful stickers that come with the planner.  I always pick out the calendars with stickers.

  Also has a place to write the students names down that are absent, seating chart, monthly calendar.

 For my life planner - I ordered the collage one with 6 pictures.  I did the 18 month calendar.  Starting with Aug when school starts.
I also ordered the pens and the holder for the pens.  I can not wait it feels like Christmas...

  I can not wait to see all the life planners.

   Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

I am linking up with Neely for Sunday Social.  This week questions are fun.  You should join in on the fun.

My Favorite TV show of the past would be

The show featured Sada Thompson and James Broderick as Kate and Doug Lawrence, a happily married middle-class couple living at 1230 Holland Street in Pasadena, California. Doug was an independent lawyer, and Kate was a housewife (she would eventually go back to school herself). They had three children: Nancy (portrayed by Elayne Heilveil in the original mini-series and later by Meredith Baxter Birney), Willie (Gary Frank), and Letitia, nicknamed "Buddy" (Kristy McNichol). (There was another son, Timothy, who had died five years previous to the series' beginning.) The show raised the profile of all of its featured actors during its run and, in particular, catapulted McNichol to stardom.
The show attempted to depict the "average" family. The characters were also realistic.
My Favorite TV show currently

The Reality Show I would NEVER do

Where a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world. They are continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, with 12–16 contestants entering the house. In order to win the final cash prize, all the contestants have to do is survive periodic evictions and be the last one standing.

I just think I would go crazy being isolated from the outside world.  I would go crazy not going to Sonic everyday :).

What Reality Show would I LOVE to do -  I know this is crazy but -  I enjoy watching this show.

 Our family loves to always be together so I can understand some of their times together.  I just wish our family had the money like them :).  I have a friend that will come over and watch the Kardashians with me on Sunday night.  I am not sure if he really likes the show or he is being nice to me.

TV personality/Character that I feel is most like me - or I hope that I am like is - Claudia Joy from Army Wives.

TV Character I would want to date - Taye Diggs - he just seems that he would be so sweet and compassionate and fun to hang around with.  Who would not want to date a Dr.

I hope everyone stayed cool this weekend!!!!  Enjoy your day. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spaghetti Squash Salad

I made Spaghetti Squash Salad. 

1 spaghetti squash

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 and 1/2 cups fresh mushrooms

 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper , 1 orange pepper finely chopped

1 bottle ( 8 ounces) Italian dressing

 cherry tomatoes to taste

Cut squash in half lengthwise; scoop out seeds.  Place squash, cut side down, in a 13 * 9 in baking pan.  Fill pan with hot water to a depth of 1/2 in.  Bake uncovered, 350 for 30 to 40 minutes or until tender.  When cool enough to handle, scoop out the squash, bowl.

Combine with squash with mushrooms, onions and peppers and dressing.

Mix and refrigerate.  Serves 8

I did have to go to the store to get the peppers and mushrooms. Went to Aldi's and spent $4.36.

This is all I made from my pantry for the first week.  I am blaming 4th of July.

Hope to have more next week!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summertime Pantry Challenge 2012

I am trying to join Good Cheap Eats for the month of July eat out of your pantry.  If you know me I usually cry when I have to eat at home.  I love to eat out!!!  I always say to myself - if I ever find Mr. Wonderful I will want to eat at home.  I love cooking but just don't like eating at home alone.

I have my pantry stocked with food.  More then a normal person should have.  I will share some pictures with you.  I did not do an extensive inventory cause I think that would depress me.

 As you can see I have lots of stuff to work with.  Its just figuring out what to make and then eating it.  I have to get in the mind set that people are starving and I need to not waste food.

I will keep you updated and how I do !!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June - Now its July 1st

   I can not believe it is already July.......

   June was busy busy...........  The week after school was out we went to Holliday World for a few days.  We love that water park...  I can not wait to make it a tradition of taking Ashley and Sebastian every summer...  Of course Raphael as long as he will hang with us..  Can not believe he will be in 7th grade next year.

A few pictures from our trip.......

 We are so happy that Grandma and Grandpa was able to go with us.  I also think that Raphael had a great time.

  In June I  taught safety for 3 weeks.  It was hot because the school did not have air condition... ( I should talk to my sister in law the board member :)  Except we made it and this year I loved my class.  I thought it would be  a good idea to have the kids learn how to change a tire.  I just picked the hottest day for Allen from Tire Barn  to come  it was 103 outside.

 Now this week I start driving with the students in the car.  I start at 7:00 a.m.  Please pray that I am able to get Ashley dressed and off to day care on time ( if you ask Ashley she goes to summer camp).

 Also last week we had Vacation Bible School at our church.  It was from 6:00 to 8:15 Monday - Friday.  I helped with a class of 4 years olds.  We had a total of 359 children in attendance for the week.  It was lots of fun but very long days.  Here are some pictures from VBS.

Last night was Rantoul's fireworks and 5 K race.  I was unable to run this year...  That is entire post in itself :).  We had a great time.  Felt bad my mom was having an open house on Sunday.  She had to spend the weekend getting the house ready for Sunday.  She did join us Saturday night for the race and fireworks... Ileana sister also joined us...

                                       Some friends from Franklin came to race.
Kyle hard at work!!!

                     Ashley and Sebastian found the sprinkler for the runners.   Do they look like they could cause any trouble?

Have a great week!!!!!!