Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loving Wednesday

What I am Loving Wednesday - my new blog design - Thanks to

     Little Sailor Design - just makes you think that Spring is coming!

I am Loving - this little girl  - she is in the locker at the YMCA.  The funny part some little girl came by and shut the door - I was like oh -no - Ashley did not think that was too funny!

I am Loving - that we got the students forms out to them to sign up for the 5K race in the end of April.  We also had someone pay the entry fee for the students to participate in the race.  We hope to have 30 kids run.  The donation was a HUGE BLESSING!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! If you are having warm weather please send it to ILLINOIS.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eucharisteo - Precedes the Mircle

I am linking up with One Thousands Gifts.  Trying to have the everyday  practice  of finding thousand gifts - gratitude.  I need to make a sign with Eucaristeo - Precedes the Miracle.

 I keep walking around telling myself - Eucharisteo - precedes the miracle.  Asking myself where is the miracle in trying to potty train Ashley and she just does not want to get it.  They say she does really good at school but did not do good this weekend at home.

Then this weekend we had a fellowship with other adoptive families and I have the child that is crying because other children bump her or she yelling and swinging her arms.  I had to sit back and tell myself this is where the factor comes in thinking I deserve the perfect looking and acting family.

Joy is always obedience -    It really hit me in the book when they said Expectations kill relationships.  I think this could really help in everyday life with family and friends.

So I am still practicing my one thousand gifts journal - it is so much harder then I thought it was going to be.  I like how they talk about in the video that Gods gifts are low they are not high above - and to live palms up - so you can receive his strength.

11.  The energy I have to bake a cake after work fro small group.
12. That I have a job to get up for each morning.  I do love my job.
13. For the rain so everything can have a chance to grow and wash away the dirt.  ( Kind of like washing away our sins)
14. What I am Loving Wednesdays to remember the positives in my life for they sure outweigh the negatives.
15. The trees that will soon have leaves on them.
16. The clouds are less in the sky meaning they must be making ways for the sun to come out.
17. Birthday - Thankful to God for my wonderful parents he blessed me with.
18.  Doctors that can get you in the same day you call - when you wake up with a 102 temp - health insurance
19.  My mom who painted Ashley room - the freedom to pick colors - Pink in a little girls room just makes you smile.
20. The ability to wipe down the walls at my home for spring cleaning.
21. My mom without her I would be at rock bottom.
22. Friends that are christian to be able to go to lunch with.
23. God giving the power to forgive people that have hit rock bottom from drugs.  Hearing they  say they have really found God in all of this. Glory be to God
24.  Sleepless nights with Ashley - while she battles an ear infection - so thankful it is not a deadly disease.
25.  Time of fellowship with friends or people that will become friends that have a passion about adoption.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason Giveaway

Everything Happens for a reason means so many different things.  When I see this I always smile because I have to believe that things happen for the best.  Hopefully we learn from the situation.

Katie over at When hello means goodbye is giving away the above necklace from The R House.  Go over to her blog to enter her wonderful giveaway.

These are items I like from R House

 I have seen this video on other peoples blog and I like the song - I think everyday we all get a little bit Stronger.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loving Wednesday

I am Loving that it is Spring Break Week!  Having a wonderful time with Ashley!

Enjoying the weather -

Grandma painted Ashley room this weekend!

Kleen Rite came yesterday and cleaned my carpets - Spring Cleaning!

Made a Bunny Cake with Jami - we are ready for Easter

I am Loving -  my nephew Sebastian - Please think of him today he is having tubes put in his ears.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

{a happy little photographic accident}

1.   My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is  the adoption of Ashley.  She is entire world - I love her so much.   I would also say my Master degree.  I just need a few more classes to move up the pay scale and I should bite the bullet and take the classes to have the hours.

2.  My favorite place to sit in my house is  I really like hanging out in my room.  Except now that I have a big T.V. in the living room - I like watching my shows on that T.V.
3.  My fashion philosophy is  try to always look your best.   Your sweat suites should match your shoes.  Its Nike outfit your shoes should be Nike.


4.  Something every girl should have is   lots of purses and bags and clothes!!!!

5.  If you looked in my purse right now you'd find....   wallet, magazine, notebooks, pens, lip gloss, lots of junk papers from stores.

6.  My favorite music right now is   I listen to everything.

7.  My favorite part of my body is   I have no idea :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesdays

I am Loving - my Gratitude Journal and how life changing it is going to be. 

I am Loving - my after school running club.  It is exciting to see the kids come out week after week!  Some of the kids that come out are that kids that don't move during the day in P.E.

I am Loving -  7 more school days till Spring Break and on the 18th we only have a half of day and no students :).

I am Loving - 7 days till my Birthday!!!  ( I better get some party hats - Ashley does not think it is a birthday unless you have the party hats!)

I am Loving -  ASHLEY!!!!!  She been having a rough week at school with talking back -  she is a strong willed child.  I pray that God gives me the tools to teach her to flourish in the world and to love her God!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ABC's of Me

the ABC's of me :)

A-Age: 38.  In 8 more days I will be 39!

B-Bed size: I have a queen bed but I sure do love a king bed.  LOL someday in my new house!

C-Chore you hate: all of it - why can't it just clean itself

D-Dogs:  I do not have one.  I am sure Ashley would love one.

E-Essential start to your day:  a coke from Sonic for half price :)

F-Favorite Color: yellow :)

G-Gold or Silver:  Gold.

H-Height: 5'4
I-Instruments you play:  My family is not musical inclined.  Wish I knew how to play the piano.
J-Job title:  Health Teacher, Drivers Education Teacher, Athletic Director, XC coach, and Mommy!

K-Kids:  Ashley she will be 4 in Oct.

L-Live: In the wonderful state of Illinois...!  is the fifth-most populous state of the United States of America, and is often noted for being a microcosm of the entire country.[6] It is the most populous state in the Midwest region; however with 65% of its residents concentrated in the Chicago metropolitan area, most of the state has either a rural or a small town character. With Chicago in the northeast, small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity in central and northern Illinois, and natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum in the south, Illinois has a broad economic base

M-My mom's name: Ellen Kay.

N-Nickname: we don't really do nicknames in my family.
O-Overnight hospital stay:  Long time ago - my first year out of college!

P-Pet Peeve:
Q-Quote from a movie: I'm not big on remembering movie quotes so I'll just say one of my favorite verses...

Loyal friends love through difficult times - Proverbs 17:17
R-Right/Lefty:  Lefty

S-Sibling: my younger brother Kyle - his birthday will be in 9 days and he will be 34.  We are 5 years and 1 day apart.

T-Time you wake up: my alarm is set for 5:45 - Ashley gets up like clock work 6:01 everyday!

U-Underwear: pretty ones please -

V-Veggies you dislike: hmmm....I like most veggies

W-What makes you run late: trying to get Ashley dressed and out the door and not forgetting her bag.

X-Xrays you've had: At the dentist, and my yearly mammogram

Y-Yummy food you make: Lasagna, I can make stuff in the crock-pot, taco soup, desserts, I love to have a reason to cook.

Z-Zoo animal:
I can't wait to take Ashley to the Zoo this summer - she would love to see a -

Monday, March 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

A community of people seeing the beautifully wrapped gifts God gives us throughout our days if we will only open our eyes to see

 I am reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.   Incourage is doing a book club with videos.  It is a very powerful book.  

  It challenges you to start  making a List of a Thousand Things, beginning with #1.   Grab a piece of paper and a pen and join me and the multitude of others as we open our eyes to thankfulness in the ordinary days of our lives and see God in a whole new way.

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.  Sarah Ban Breathnach

So I am going to try and link up on Mondays and share my list from the week.  It may take me a long time to get to thousand but I bet it will be life changing.


1.  That a good friend took me out to lunch and I was able to laugh and be myself.
2.  That my mom sat in the car with Ashley so I could run into the store to grab a few things.
3.  To be able to go out to eat with my family on a Saturday night and laugh and enjoy each others company.
4. To be able to take Ashley to swimming lessons and that she loves water.
5. To see Ashley face light up when I stop at Sonic and buy her a half-price slush  before I pick her up from daycare and have it waiting in the car for her.
6. To see Ashley smile on her face when I pick her up from day-care like it is the first time I ever picked her up.
7. That my brother and sister-in-law were able to come and jump my car when it would not start.
8. To have a working washer and dryer and to be able to do laundry at our home.
9. That 26 kids came out for running club after school.  We are going to run the 5K in April at the Illinois Marathon.
10. For the volunteer that holds the door at church this morning that opened the door with a smile as Ashley and I hurried in.

Friday, March 4, 2011

1.   The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is  you all or girl.  I also say oh man too much!  I catch myself saying stuff that middle school students say.  I guess when you are with them all day that happens.

2.  Today I am thankful for   Ashley - I do not know what my life would be like with  out her.  I know in foster care that the goal is that the children return home but after 3 years that would of been so hard.  I just wish I could make a difference in foster care system but I do not even know where to start.
3.  My best friend is   is my mom.  I can tell her anything and she is always there for Ashley and I. 

4.  A quirky thing about me is   I get nervous and pull out my eyelashes.  Or my family would say my imaginary friends on the Internet.

5.  This weekend I   - Ashley has swimming lessons and we really don't have to many plans.   We say that but we always find stuff to do.  We don't like to stay in.  Can not wait for better weather!
6.  Something that worries me is   my family health.  I do not know what I would do without my family.  I also worry about my nephew Sebastian.
7.  On my night stand you would find       my cell phone, alarm clock, bible study book, the crying tree, 1000 gifts, water bottle, a little bit of everything.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving Wednesday

I am Loving -  that yesterday we started running club at school.  We had 26 middle school students come out.  We are training for a 5K at the end of April.   Teachers are doing the ILLINI CHALLENGE - 5K on Friday night and then the Marathon on Saturday :)

I am Loving - my small group.  Ashley loves going I have to carry her out on Tuesday evenings.

I am Loving - that on March 11th we are going to eat at the Spice Box at the University of Illinois.  We are going to be celebrating my birthday -  15 days till my birthday!  It is where Seniors about to graduate have to prepare for a meal and be in charge of the restaurant they do the decorations and preparing the meal.  Huge project for them.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!