Friday, July 6, 2012

Summertime Pantry Challenge 2012

I am trying to join Good Cheap Eats for the month of July eat out of your pantry.  If you know me I usually cry when I have to eat at home.  I love to eat out!!!  I always say to myself - if I ever find Mr. Wonderful I will want to eat at home.  I love cooking but just don't like eating at home alone.

I have my pantry stocked with food.  More then a normal person should have.  I will share some pictures with you.  I did not do an extensive inventory cause I think that would depress me.

 As you can see I have lots of stuff to work with.  Its just figuring out what to make and then eating it.  I have to get in the mind set that people are starving and I need to not waste food.

I will keep you updated and how I do !!!

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