Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Weekend!

    It was a fun and busy weekend. 

    Friday night supervised the 6th grade dance at school.  The kids loved it.  Ashley also went to the dance and had a great time.  Thanks to River for following her around.  Ashley  was sad when the dance was over.
My mom said she was still talking about the dance Sunday morning.

There is a picture of me on another bloger post Champaign Taste - I was just around the corner from school at Lord and Lacy Barbecue at lunch.  She got the back of me - I am in my Friday Illini wear.  They do have good barbecue but lots of time the food is not ready.  I have tried the rib tips and chicken and my mom has had the polish.  I did not get anything from them on Friday because the polish or hot links were not ready.

    Saturday was U of I homecoming -  It was great weather - plus  an  ILLINI WIN is always great!

I took my dad and Doug to a tailgate before the game - that was fun and they both behaved for the most part.  ( we won't talk about the candy in my dad's  pockets)

Franklin Girls basketball  team had a game they played Springfield Franklin - that did not turn out so great!  They played really hard and it will only help them get better.

Saturday night went to Cindy surprise birthday party.  I can not believe I have worked with Cindy 14 years.  Her party was in Arthur at Yoder Country Kitchen.  The food was really good.  Cindy was so surprised and it was great to see her family again.  Then also meetimg  her friends that she talks about at lunch. 

On the way home I saw a wreck that had already happened the car was a total mess - you could hardly even tell it was a car.  It makes you think how many times we are out and about and make it home safely. How do you know its your time to go to heaven?  Is your house in order if you go?  It makes me Thank God for all the times I have been on a school bus with kids and we have made it home safely.  I prayed allot today for the families effected from that wreck last night.  I saw news crews out there but have not seen it on the news.

I thank grandma for taking such good care of Ashley Saturday and Sunday :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I also hope you have a productive week!

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