Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Weekend

    Friday was a good day because I was off for Veterans Day.  I took Ashley to get her Christmas pictures taken.  I can not wait to send off our Christmas cards.  Here a sneak peek at a picture that was taken.

After pictures we met my mom for lunch at El Toro.  I could eat chips and salsa all day.  Friday night I went with my brother Kyle and my nephews to Rantoul.  We took my dad out to the KFC for Chicken and Fish.  We use to go out there on Friday nights growing up to eat.  Rantoul has changed so much since the base closed.  I felt really young out there eating.  My mom stayed home and watched Ashley and Sebastian.  I think next month she will go eat with us.  I lost count on all the items Ashley and Sebastian broke at grandma's house Friday night.  They also did this to entertain them.

Saturday morning Ashley had Soccer and Tennis.  She did a great job at both.  At tennis I had to buy a Dora tennis racket.  I do have to say it is cute racket it is a 3 inch.

My mom had to work the teacher test.  We missed her Saturday afternoon.  Ashley and I went to the mall to pick out a winter coat Ashley could play in the snow with.  I thought the stores were having great sales.  We missed grandma running around with us.

Sunday Raphael was going to come over and rake my leaves.  I had to bribe him with a video game if he would rake my leaves.  I guess he was under the weather and feeling terrible.   So Ileana and Kyle and Sebastian and Raphael came over and we all worked on raking.  The winds were heavy - who rakes in wind like that??

Ashley at school just did a unit on family.  She kept saying a beautiful Fall day with my family.  It just warmed my heart.  Ashley and Sebastian love to be together they fight like they are brother and sister.  Except I think they are really going to look out for each other.

Ashley hard at work!

This is Raphael working he was sitting down filling the bag.  I really don't think he felt very good.  He ended up going in and laying on the couch.

Ashley and I finished the evening with our small group.  Ashley loves to go and play with her friends.  I also enjoy my small group tonight we were lucky to have our senior pastor come and talk with our group.  We had questions on sin, homosexuals, women roles in the church  and bible and divorce and what is heaven and hell really like.  On how does the bible look and these things and how does the church.  It was very interesting. I am so thankful that I have God that died for my sins. 

Now its back to work  on Monday -  I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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