Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions

 I am linking up with Kit for the next 11 days ( 11 days in 2011)

 Day 1 New Year Resolutions -

I always thought about resolutions but have not written them down in years.  So I will give it a try.  As a write them I think they are more goals then resolutions.

 First Resolution would be is to be better organized - to be better at balancing work and motherhood.  I have a wonderful file cabinet and shredder I have never taken out of the box.  Fun file folders.  I been reading tips from Fly Lady - if I would just use them.  I also enjoy reading Kuzak's Closet blog.  Or if I would just do as my mother says and do a little bit each day!!!

 Another Resolution would be is to Remember to Laugh Ashley makes me laugh everyday.  People matter and I need to invest in them and make a difference.

 Another Resolution would be is to really work hard at starting and finishing 2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team with Beth Moore and going to the celebration in Jan 2012.  I am not the best at going outside of my box - I want to be better at not having a fear of travel and adventure. As my mom would say "finish what you start"

Another one would be to work hard at running and run the half at the Illinois Marathon on April 30 2011.  It is right here in our home town.  Plus I want to be good example for Ashley and my cross country runners.  It goes back to balance work and parenting.  I have all the resources at my figure tips if I just would use them.

My last resolution would be to live a Godly life - be positive and remember that God is in Control.  Remember to Thank him everyday for my rainbows each and every day!


Kit said...

Thanks for participating :)
Running the half marathon will be SO rewarding! Good luck and keep us updated on your training.

Laughing everyday is one that I need to make sure I so as well!

Anonymous said...

I love your laughter resolution...

Thanks for linking up :)

Happy New Year!!

Caroline said...

Great resolutions!!! :)

star said...

Great resolutions! I am hoping to be better organized too!

Megan said...

I'm doing the Beth Moore Siesta Scripture memory, too!! : ) So basically, we are "siestas."

So glad I found your blog!!