Friday, January 28, 2011

Adoption Such a Blessing!

   This is the first time I am linking up with Kelly's  Show us Your Life blog hop.  Kelly's blog is the first blog I started reading everyday faithfully.  It is amazing how many readers she has.  Today is Adoption.  I know most of you know my story but I never get tired of sharing it.
    This was all God doing.  During the adoption process is the first time I really heard God speak to me.  I am so blessed that I listened to him.

     I teach middle school and sometimes you see children that are in foster care.  I coach XC and in the years I have had some kids run for me that were in foster care but some meets they could not go to the meets because they had to go away for the weekend for respite care.  I thought I might be able to help a kid in transition.  So I went threw the foster care classes.
    Then on Oct 8, 2007 - we were off school.  I had plans to spend the day with some other teachers we were going to use our Stamp in-Up stuff.  I also was going to a Christian Concert that night at a local church.  It was 9:00 a.m.  my cell phone rang I did not get to the phone because I was sleeping in :).  Then my house phone rang and it was a call from Lutheran and they left a message that they were wondering if I could take a newborn infant that was being released from Carle that day.   I called Lutheran back and said yes.  I told them I do not have a car seat they said we have one you can borrow but need it back.  I then just sat in my living room turned off the T.V. thinking what did I just say.  I did not even ask if it was a girl or a boy.  How am I going to do this? I have to work tomorrow.  Thinking this could just be for a few days. 
    Then my friend called and asked what time we were meeting to hang out.  I said I kind of can not come I did something.  She like what did you do - I said well I got my foster care license and now they called and want me to come and pick up a infant being released from the hospital.  She like that is wonderful - do you need me to come help you do anything.  I said I feel really sick can you drive me there?  This whole time I was wanting to call and tell my mom but I was like she is not going to believe me.  The entire time I was thinking they are going to call back and say never mind.  So we go to the agency and they handed me this beautiful baby girl and two bottles and a blanket that someone made and gave to the agency.  They said her name was Ashley.  I said do you want to have a meeting - I had never seen any of these people in life.  They are like No - then someone said do you have any baby stuff - I was like no - they said well there is a grant that you can go buy $200 of equipment and $100. in clothes.  She was like go to Target pick out some stuff and then call this number and I will come and pay.   I was like do I call my mom and tell her they want me to take this newborn to Target or do we just go.  So my friend and I went with Ashely we also called another friend who came to Target.  I was in shock I told the girls pick out what ever you think I am going  to need I going to sit with Ashley in the food court.  They told us we could only pick out one can of formula, one thing of diapers and wipes, one bottle of lotion.  Then entire time I was like I can't believe they will pay for this stuff not knowing how long I would have her.  At one time I did ask at Lutheran is this just for a few weeks?  They said No this could be for 1 year or 2 years.  I was like oh.  My friends come over started setting everything up for me.  Boiling bottles, washing clothes we just picked out etc.  I called my mom said come over when you get off work,  I did something she like just tell me now - I said I took in a foster baby.  My mom like baby I was like yes only 3 days old.  She was like where is she going to sleep?  I was like the girls are working on that.  My mom stayed with me for 2 weeks!!!!  If you want to know how it was working with Lutheran or have questions feel free to send me  a comment and we can talk over email.
   Fast forward story -  Ashley had 1 hour week supervised visits with her family for over 2 years.  I went to every court date.  We went threw a bonding study.  With lots of prayer, sleepless nights and loosing weight due to stress of not knowing what was going to happen  I adopted Ashley on Aug 24, 2010!

I just want everyone to remember that is thinking about adoption to really consider Foster Care for Adoption.  They do not always end in adoption but think about the base you are giving that child.  Just think that child could be your neighbor in need or just living across town from you.  I just really think sometimes we forget to help the people that are right under our noses.

Even though the state maintains true custody, foster parents do have a definite responsibility for children in their care. Their ultimate responsibilities are to care for the child and to look after his or her daily well-being. In a very real sense, their job is to provide parental love to children without parents.

On September 30, 2008, there were an estimated 463,000 children in foster care

Almost a quarter (24 percent) were in relative homes, and • nearly half (47 percent) were in non relative foster family homes

40 percent were White/Non-Hispanic •

31 percent were Black/Non-Hispanic •
          20 percent were Hispanic

How do I plant the seed,
Of the things we really need?
To be a mom and teach it right
With out the hassles and the fight,
To teach my child what's right and wrong
To show them what it takes to be strong.
To appreciate the things they have
To know the difference of what's good or bad.
How do I help this flower grow?
Do I let it grow alone?
Or should I save it from the storm?
Will my efforts help to bloom,
The simple act of cleaning their room?
Will the weeds I pull today;
Help my posies listen and obey?
Or do I let the weeds grow tall and wild;
And watch them grow around my child?
Do I wait and see if they;
chop them down to clear the way?


Cathy said...

Oh my goodness! What a blessing. I'm so glad it worked out for you! Thanks for visiting my blog! And please tell me where you got that shirt. I have a 2 1/2 yo little girl I'm hoping to adopt and I would love to have one.


Kim said... - they have really cute shirts and then some people are doing special ones for fundraising for there adoptions.

The Mulder Family said...

I love reading your adoption story...what a great story to share with everyone.