Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things You Should Know if We're Gonna Be BFF

  I am linking up with Ashley at Little Miss Momma.  Things you should know if we're gonna be BFF.

  I need to stop several times a day at McDonald's for a coke.


    I also enjoy eating out!
    I love any kind of sporting events!  ILLINI -  Someday I am going to meet Mr. Right and he will be taking me to all the great sporting events - like the Texas Bowl,  next year the Rose Bowl :).

    I  go to all kinds of party where people are selling stuff and I buy it - 31 bags, candles, etc.  Even though I do not need it.

   My biggest fear is that I will be hit by a drunk driver.  I have had that fear since I was in high school.  I think it gets worse in the summer when I am teaching safety.  Trying to tell the kids how important it is to be safe on the road.  So please drive carefully this Christmas season.

  I love to go shopping - to get my nails done, I love to tan  - ( I know I am a health teacher but its that vitamin D)

  My mom still does my ironing for me - and I love it - I would be lost without her :)

  Ashley is the queen of the house!  So what ever she feels like doing is what we do!  She controls the remote on the T.V.

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Chism Classics said...

Cute list! I buy stuff that I don't need, too! My husband HATES it, but yet he is always giving me the money to do it. What can I say...he spoils me!