Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Happy Friday - Hope everyone had a great week!

Tonight we had a dance at school the students had a great time.  This weekend I am hoping to get out the Christmas decorations.  The house is going to start looking like Christmas.  On Saturday we will be going to the Gifford State Bank Craft Fair.

I linked up with  Fill in The Blank Friday - So lets play along

1.   My Thanksgiving plans this year will include :  Starting at 9:00 a.m.  Ashley and I are going to do the 43rd Annual Turkey Trout - its a mile fun run or walk.  I think that will be a fun tradition we can start doing together.  This year I will push her in the stroller but next year she may be able to walk the mile.  Then we will go off to Liz and Dan's they have lunch and they play a big game of flag football with t-shirts and tropheys and the ladies always have a craft to do.  Then in the evening I will go to my brothers for dinner.  My sister-law family comes over from Chicago.  Kyle has to work till 7:00 so it will be a late dinner.  They always have so much food - It's a great time.

2.  My favorite Thanksgiving was when my parents use to have Thanksgiving at our house and everyone would come.  We use to have about 30 people.   They would set big tables up in the basement.  I remember making name tags for everyone where they would sit.  My mom would have special decorations.  You were not allowed to use the Thanksgiving napkins those were only for show.  Everyone would always tease my mom.  I remember help carrying out things to Grandma and Grandpa's car.  I remember the last Thanksgiving we had with my Grandpa.  Thanksgiving was at our house.  I don't think after he passed that we had another Thanksgiving at our house.
3.  My signature Thanksgiving dish is  I don't have one yet.  I will have to try and find one.   I do love making dishes and taking them to our Thanksgivings.

4.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is  the Turkey - I love it when its hot.  I also always loved my grandmother's dressing, even the oyster dressing.

5.  Thanksgiving free association  - lots of family,  eating to many desserts, getting ready for Black Friday.

6.  Thanksgiving is   a time to reflect on the year and think about what you what out of the new year.

7.  I am thankful for   Ashley she was born on Oct 6, 2007 I have had her since birth  and I  officially adopted her on August 24, 2010.  Ashley been such a blessing, she has changed my life.  Just on Thursday I got her official  birth certificate it brought tears to my eyes.

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