Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Blog Challenge Day 1

 I linking up with Analyze This Christmas Blog Challenge we will see if I can do 12 days.
Traditions at our house for Christmas.  Honestly this is a hard time for my family from Thanksgiving to Christmas.   I enjoy going to my parents and staying the night. Waking up at the house I grew up in.  I know Ashley will  enjoy this also.  I would be happy staying there the entire 2 weeks that we are off school.  My dad might think different. 
  On Christmas Eve we go to candle light service at church in Rantoul.  Then back to her house we usually have shrimp from the deli not a bag real good shrimp with good sauce.  It very low key I can't wait for it to grow back to a party.  We use to go to my grandparents friends house every Christmas eve for a party and then they got older and passed away  Then we went to my Uncles for Christmas Eve.  Except 7 years ago he passed away he was on a ladder putting up Christmas Tree lights and fell it was not a big ladder. So Thanksgiving is rough for my family.   It was 4 days before Thanksgiving. 
Christmas morning we have always gone to Danville in the mornings to extended family's Maru - for breakfast, the men make omelets, toasts and have pastries, and O.J.  It is very enjoyable time this was been going on since before I was born.  I would say with everyone families  keep growing at one time there can be 40 people in the house for breakfast.  It is just a wonderful time.  I would not trade this for anything.
In the afternoon my aunt Lori usually has us over for appetizers.  It fun to get together some cousins come by and some time Shannon's family is still in town from Bloomington.
We have Christmas with my brother and his family and my parents some time before the New Year  sometime its after the New Year.  I like that because I can find some good bargains after Christmas.  I hope they are not  reading :)
See the other part that is hard for my family is on Christmas my grandmother on my mothers side passed away.  She always loved Angels - so now I think what A day to go and be with the Angels.  It was a blessing for her to go on Christmas Day.

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