Saturday, January 25, 2014


 One of my mom's goal was when Ashley went to school she would be able to skate.  In PE they have a skating unit.  Being the PE teacher I did not want my child not to be able to skate.  We have gone a few times except Ashley was not that into skating she was wanting to play the games and they have laser tag that she thinks it is the best game around.

  I did not reach that goal and they started skating last week in PE.  The first day Ashley said I did not skate too much because I fell and could not get up.  I think it motivated her because she has been begging me to take her skating so she could practice.

  So we went today - and we practiced.

 Ashley was determined to be able to skate like everybody else.  She was so dancing to music and claping while she was skating.  She kept saying this is a great party!!! I kept saying lets stay close to the wall she was like no - I going to be out their with the fast skaters.


So after practicing for awhile she decide that she wanted to go off with her friends.  She told me I could protect her from a distance.


I just don't know where the last 6 years have gone?  I do think I will be spending some more Saturday afternoons at the skating rink.  She seems to really enjoy skating and wants to learn.

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