Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Ashley is doing the happy dance no school tomorrow.  It's not for snow its because of cold. 
Snow is heading in our way tonight and will bring high winds and cold temperatures along. We expect driving conditions to get fairly rough due to blowing snow this evening with some isolated white out areas. Temperatures will be droping through the 20s between 8 and 10 with winds up to 20 mph continuing to rise. By midnight, our winds will be up to around 30 mph with higher gusts.

We'll start our Monday with a temperature of around -1 and that will likely be the high temperaure of the day. Monday will also be a breezy day with winds up to 20 mph and higher gusts. Temperatures throughout Monday will be between -5 and zero, creating a wind chill of down to around 30 below zero.

 We need to practice taking selfies.  We our excited about our day off tomorrow.  What should we do?  I should of went to the store so we could bake.


 Ohh happy day!!!!!  Life is good!!!!!

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