Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Mingle

Saturday was the last home football game we tailgated.  It was lots of fun had our taco in a bag..  We can not wait for next year.  It can only go up from this season!!!   I am not the best blogger - I did not get any pictures!!!

Sunday - Church and then I went to Rantoul to the Gifford Craft fair.  I love going with my mom.  All I bought has chocalate for my secret santa...  Except on the way to Rantoul I hit the sign at Macdondals......  Not a good day - I get a rental car tomorrow... YES I teach drivers education.........

 Then in the evening we went to our church soup supper.  I was nervous going with Ashley she does not sit very good.  She did great - she loved the Chicken Noodle Soup.  They had wonderful pies...

                                        My Sunday School class - Love them!

                                          This age loves to color!

                                           Love the girls from our Life Group

                                             Ashley loves TY and JD......

Monday - was back to work.  Ashley was so excited she asked grandpa to pick her up at Chesterbrook at 10:00 to go to open gym at I- Power.  He did and Ashley was so excited.  I think we have found a job for Dad on Mondays.  He says next week he won't be able to leave Chesterbrook without Seabastian next week...

Monday night we went to see Danville play Centennial in boys basketball.  Let me tell you high school varsity games go much faster then middle school games!!!

Sarah and Addison our cousins were cheering for Danville.  We got to sit next to my counsin Stacey ( Addison mom) during the game.  Also my mom went with us.  Dave and Karen Stimac were there.  Their son Troy is a coach at Danville.  The Stimac parents were best friends of my grandparents.  I have many memories of Christmas Eve at the Stimac's.

                                                        Sarah and Ashley!

                                            Sarah and Addison and Ashley

                                            Ashley loved Stacey!!!!

I can't wait to see them cheer some more this season.  I can't wait for Champaign to go to Danville and watch the game with the entire family!!!!

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