Sunday, April 22, 2012


Weekend Fun

    We had a great weekend.  It makes me ready for summer.

First Friday night Kerry and her husband Nick and their daughter Abby come to visit and had dinner with us.  They were on there way to Charleston for the weekend.    Kerry and I were roommates for about 7 years out of college.  Kerry also did her student teaching at Franklin and then was hired to teach math there.  We had some great times together.  Our girls play so well together and they will both start Kindergarten the same year.

This is the girls playing dress up.  Then Ashley always wants to have a silly picture.

This is what we had to eat.  Since it was Mom's weekend at the U of I.  We did not want to adventure out to eat with the girls.

Then Saturday morning Ashley had a soccer game.  They play 3 on 3.  It was freezing outside, indoor soccer looking better every Saturday.

Ashley did a great job at soccer Saturday.  She was on a team with 4 boys.  I can not wait to see how she improves.

Then Saturday afternoon Ashley was invited to a birthday party.  It was held at a Stable out in Mahomet.  Olivia has a horse.  So they all got to have pony rides.

This is the group looking at the horses.  Ashley was not sure about the smell of the stables.

This is Ashley and Tracey checking out the horse.

Ashley hanging out on the hay.  She also thought it was "wheat"
 This is Ashley taking her turn on the horse after they went around.  Ashley said I am ready to go around again.

This is Katie, Ashley and Sophie enjoying being together on the hay.

This is Ashley working hard at her ice cream cake.  She is getting so big and independent.

Then on Sunday we went to the Ribeye.  To celebrate Ileana being appointed to the school board.  It was so nice of my mom and dad to buy us dinner.  Kyle calls the Ribeye the best Steak place around.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Next weekend  also be a fun packed weekend with the Illinois Marathon.  We also have Abbey baby shower in Danville.

I would love for you to share how your weekend was also.

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