Saturday, April 14, 2012


   We had a wonderful Easter.  We have been crazy busy with swim lesson and we just started outdoor soccer.  Except I wanted to share some pictures from Easter with you.  We went to 5 different Easter Egg hunts.  The first one we only received 4 eggs, the second one was 8 that was the cap they put on the number you could get.  The third hunt we didn't get any - it was at the park district and kids started before they were post to. The 4th one we picked up 32 eggs that was lots of fun.  The last egg hunt at our family Easter we had way too many to count. 

This is before the first egg hunt started.  So excited about getting so many eggs. 

This is the start of the first Easter egg hunt in Savoy. 

Ashley is off!!!! 

This is her face when she realizes that she only has 4 eggs.  After all that work.

Ashley with the Easter Bunny - we recovered pretty quick from being upset.  We still have another Easter Egg hunt to go to today.

We went to a Easter Party at the Rantoul Library.  Ashley loved it they read 5 Easter stories.  We did a craft and then they had an Easter Egg hunt inside where you could pick up 8 eggs.

Inside Easter Egg Hunt and making a craft to put our eggs in.

This month when we would go to Rantoul.  We would have Grandma go with us out to Rural King and look at the baby chicks.  Ashley always wanted to take one home with her.  Luckily the Easter bunny did not bring a chick this year.

This is Ashley with the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt where we did not get any eggs.

I love this Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Ashley with another Easter Bunny!!!!

This is at the family Easter Egg Hunt - this is the best one of the season.  We even had cupcake and transformers Easter Eggs but the kids thought those did not look like eggs and would not pick them up.

This is our lovely family - not everyone was able to make it.  We missed them dearly.  Except a memory we will  always have is the Easter Egg Hunts at Aunt Maru's.  

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