Thursday, March 27, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

A day late.  We our just really enjoying Spring Break.  If the weather was just a little nicer.

I am loving that today Ashley and I spent the day with my mom.

Our first stop was at  PJ Fresh in Oakwood.  They sell just about anything.  They sell fresh cinnabons.  We had to each have a hot fresh cinnabon.  I had been telling my mom we should go there just to eat.  They have a hot food bar with like 4 different soups.

Then we were off to Danville to shop.   I love that they have a Burlington Coat Factory, Ross for Less, and Cato's.  Champaign does not have these stores.  Ashley got a really cute pink coat from Grandma for $10.00 it has cute has pink flowers on it.  I saw a few things did not get them.  Now  I am ready to go back and get them.

Ashley had to take a picture of the fish at the Danville mall.

We also went to lunch at the Beef House  in Covington, IN.  My favorite place to eat they our know for their rolls and strawberry jam.  It was our first time taking Ashley.  She has been to the banquet center for weddings receptions but not in the main restaurant.  She was great, she sat in her own chair ( that is a big accoplishment for Ashley).  Loved the rolls and strawberry jam.

Ashley thought they had the best jello - she had red and yellow jello, croutons, cheese and a roll with lots of strawberry jam on it.

When we go to the beef house we always take pictures outside.

I will Cherish this picture Ashley and I first picture outside the beef house.  Can't wait to take one when she graduating from high school.

I like this one also - grandma did not really want her picture taken.  I can't believe its spring break and we are dressed for winter. I really enjoy going but I was sad at the same time that my dad is not able to go anymore cause of his health.   He really loved the beef house and would always take us.  I almost had portabella mushrooms in his honor. I remember going to the Beef House for my Grandpa's retirement party.  I got a new Jordache outfit for the occasion.   I just hope Ashley loves the Beef House as much as I did growing up and has found memories of her time there.

Ashley with her new coat on.  Ah I should of been closer.  Ashley loves her grandma - she has been spoiled this week hanging out with her every day.

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