Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break


   Spring Break is finally here.  We our not off to Destin this year.  I guess I should start planning and saving for a spring break trip for next year.  There is something about getting away this time of year.  This year we our going to stay around here and do little day trips.

   This morning was the first day of Prairie Fruits open houses on the farm.  I was brave and took Ashley, Little D and Sebastion out to the farm to see the goats.  They make their own cheese and have dinners on the farm.  I would love to go to one of their dinners except they our $125.00 a person.  Lets say I have not met anyone willing to go with me.  The price seems really high but I think it would be so awesome to experience. Of course if money was no object.

  At the farm today they were selling goat salted Carmel's. I had in my mind before I went that I wanted to get some.  I was thinking in my mind they would be around $5.00.  I was thinking it was spring break I deserve a treat.



They were not hard like the carmel I usually eat.  They melted in your mouth. They had about 5 in a package.  I should of looked on the board because I ordered a pecan roll and the carmels and my bill was $12.50.  The carmel's were $8.00 - so about $1.60 each.  My dad always said if you have to ask how much something is - you can't afford it.  Happy Spring Break to me :)  I really do wish that I supported more mom and pop bussiness more then the big box stores.
 It was fun to see the goats and to share the roll and have a drinkable yogurt from 100% grassfeed from Arthur.  I liked it the kids did not.

I hope to go back on Saturday morning before the Farmers Market open.  They our planning on having a sit down brunch on 2 Saturdays in May.  I hope to buy some tickets and go enjoy that experience.
 Tomorrow is church and I have to make the meal for our small group.  I worked on the meal today.  Illini play tomorrow at 10:00  a.m. in the NIT.  We our not in the big dance this year.
  I can't wait to see what fun we have this week on Spring Break.  I love it when I get to spend my days with Ashley.



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