Tuesday, March 25, 2014


   It's post to be Spring.  Except this is what we woke up to today.

Snow, nice weather is hopefully coming.  We got up this morning and Ashley wanted to go to El Toro for breakfast.  So we meet grandma for breakfast.


Then we went home.  I worked on some laundry.  Then I decided I better go and renew my Illinois Drivers license.  It should of been done last week.  I dread going to the Secretary of State office.  I took Ashley with me and we had to wait an hour and half just to renew my license.  I did not even have to take a test.  It is just always that busy.  Ashley was really good waiting with me - she played on the phone.  When we left I had her take my picture with my renewed license.

When we left we went to Sonic - I was thinking it was 2:00 for Happy Hour.  I was 8 min early.  Had to pay full price - AH this has happened to me twice in the last week.

Then we went with grandma to the mall.  She had a $10.00 certificate for her birthday from Victoria Secret that she let me use.  I got me some new lip gloss.  Ashley loves to play at the play area in the mall.

Ashley been begging to go back to Skateland.  Tuesday night is $2.00 for skates, $2.00 for rental, $2.00 for Lazar tag, $2.00 for pizza and pop.  So I told her I would take her tonight.  Oh my goodness it was packed....  Not sure I will do that again it was only from 6:00 - 8:00.  Not sure it was worth fighting all the people.

The line rapped around the building to get in it took a good 30 mins to get in.  Plus it was really cold waiting outside.

We finally got in. While we were waiting in line there was almost a fight behind us cause this lady just walked up and cut in line.  There were a bunch of middle school kids in front of us.  They did not go to Franklin but they were pushing each other.  I finally said to stop pushing and they did but started whispering who said that?  Ashley looked up at me in horror and said something like that's really going to help.  I could not help it my teacher ness just comes out.  I think that might be why Raphael does not want me to chaperon any of his activities.
  Ashley loves skating she just wants to be able to go so fast and join in with all the kids.  Here we our at the skating rink.

Here Ashley at the Skating rink - she is getting so big.  Before long I will just be dropping her off.

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