Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It feels inappropriate to talk about normal life.  If we don't the enemy wins.  We can't hide and can't be afraid.  Yesterday Ashley saw what was happening on the news and said whats going on?  I tried to tell her except she did not understand. Then when we got up on Tuesday it was on the news again and she said that's never happened at a race I have been at.  I almost cried I did stop and pray to God that  it never does happen to her.
I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!  I love Wednesday because of this post.

I'm Loving - that Saturday is Abby and Adam's Wedding. 

I'm Loving - that my parents have officially sold their house in Rantoul.  I know its a huge relief for them.

I'm Loving - that they are able to help watch Ashley - that they watch her so willing.  At a drop of the hat....

I'm Loving - that I sold all my clothes at One Week Boutique and last night I was to volunteer from 4:00 to 10:00.  We were done at 9:00.  Next sell I am VIP - which means I do not have to go threw the clothes inspection.

I'm Loving - that we are half way threw April.

I'm Loving - coaching my Franklin Track Team.


Jessica said...

I was totally thinking about how to explain tragedies like that to children this morning. My son is only two so he has no clue what happened and I'm happy that for now, he only knows love and kindness. I have no idea how I will explain the evils or sin to him one day.

Kristin Noelle said...

I absolutely think your blog is the cutest!I was wondering if you wanted to follow eachother? let me know! :)