Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning Ashley and I had breakfast with Grandma at Hometown Buffet.  That might be my new favorite place for breakfast.

My friend Shelly and Kindi and I took our girls to a Princess Luncheon.  Our Women's Junior League put it on.  They did a really nice job.  We dressed the girls like Princess.  Here are some pictures from the lunch.

This is Ashley with Captian Hook.  Captian Hook is a retired PE in teacher in Champaign.

Ashley with Bashful - She did not know the Snow White story - I am going to have to read that to her.

Ashley loves drawing - she is hard at work.
Ashley loved the wolf - it looks so real!  That should be my next Halloween costume.

Saturday night we had chair set up at church.  Then Ashley and I went off to Sam's.  I always spend to much when I go there.

Sunday - We went to Church and our paster made this announcement  -

Make no mistake, I do believe FCC's very best days are still ahead of us, but I also feel my season of leadership is winding to a close and I need to seek other opportunities that might be out there.
That was a total surprise too many......  Wonder what God has in store for First Christian?
In the afternoon I went to  transform fitness with Shelly.  Then we had small group we are watching a Andy Stanly video on finances.
Then I had to go to Franklin and work on sub plans for tomorrow because I start jury duty.  We also have a track meet in Mattoon and one in Champaign on Thursday.

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