Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

     Aha, April been a whirlwind - I don't know if its getting back into the swing of things after spring break in Destin.  Or its my parents move or its this terrible cold weather we are having....

   We had  a great Easter - my parents were in there new home.  This is the first holiday Ashley  I stayed at our own home.  It seemed strange I have always stayed with my  parents on holidays.

   The Easter bunny came to our house - We were watching Miley - Michelle dog - Ashley wrote the Easter Bunny a letter asking him/her not to take the dog that we were dog sitting.

    The Easter bunny brought special chocolate from - Flesors Candy Kitchen - it is in Tuscola.  They had a special sale in Champaign right before Easter. 

  I thought it would be a nice tradition to start if each Easter Ashley received a chocolate cross.

  We went to Rantoul to church with my mom.  My dad was not feeling the greatest.  The move has taken its toll on him.  The day they moved into the house he fell in the driveway.  Come to find out his pacemaker shocked him and knocked him out cold.

   Then my mom and Ashley and I went to Danville to Aunt Maru's for Easter.  We always have a great time.

Ashley was looking for the Golden egg - she must of passed up a dozen eggs.

Ashley was not ready to stop collecting eggs she was still looking for that Golden egg...  Our family group was really small this year.

We even had adult Easter egg hunt with prizes.  So much fun!!!

  Love my mom and Aunt Maru - I hope when I am Aunt Maru age I am in as great health as she is.  I wish my mom would keep her eyes open for pictures.

Hopefully time will slow down and I can catch my breath.

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