Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

    This is how Ashley traveled to Destin - She loves Grandpa's Nook.    The girls were wonderful on the drive to Destin....

This is the house we are staying in.  I have been thinking how will I ever be able to top this spring break?   Ashley is going to think this is the norm for Spring break - I think this is my first Spring Break trip.

This is the guest house that Drew and Shelly and Drew parents are staying in.  Underneath is the Tiki bar.
This is the bedroom Ashley picked out.  She is in heaven here.....

This is our pool at the house we are staying out.  Across the way is a hotel.

 Sunday Ashley spent the day in the pool.  She had me go out and get her goggles that also cover her nose - Ty and JD also have a pair.  She looks like a space man.  Yesterday and today she has had a bloody nose in the pool because she has been holding her nose when she swims and holding the her nose from the inside instead of the outside.

We also spent time at the beach that is in our backyard!  She wanted to wear those goggles.  I have news for her we are not taking them to Sholom this summer.
This is Ashley and Olivia enjoying their time on the beach.
Amanda , Ashley and Olivia.
I like this picture of the girls looking at the water.
I wish I would of got a picture of Ashley jumping the waves....  Remember Ashley has no fear.........

We also went to the outlet mall today.....  Ashley was a great Shopper she went with Shelly and Tracey and Kristy and I.  I am so thankful that she was so good - she might of had some practice shopping before.

I am so thankful Ashley is still going to sleep at 7:30 like she usually does.  If they did not say the pool was closed at night she would stay in it all night......

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