Monday, December 17, 2012


  I cried today dropping off Ashley - not because I was scared but because I was able to drop Ashley off at school today.  I can not imagine what those families are going threw.  I can remember days when Ashley was in the foster system not being able to get up or wanting to get up because of the not knowing of what was ahead.

Also I found myself this weekend wanting to go out and buy Ashley a brand new dress and shoes and bow for Christmas program she was in on Sunday at Church.  I just wanted it to be perfect.  I had already bought her a brand new dress and bow and she had new tights to wear.  I just wanted it to be perfect.  In the back of my mind was this could change at any minute...  Then at church they said think about those parents that were not able to put their little ones in the new dress that they had for the special program.

 I saw on twitter this weekend -

 Student to  God -  Why did you let this happen at our school?

 God to  Student - I am not allowed in your school.

I said wow I never thought about it like that.  I believe God is with me everday at school.  I also have to believe that this could happen anywhere and at any school.  Part of me is terriefied about Ashley going to Kindergarten next year. 

The way our schools are set up you are put in a lottery you put three schools down and hopefully you get 1 of your 3 schools out of 11. I have to believe that I will get the best school for Ashley.   

This is just so hard to believe something like this would  happen.... right in the middle of Christmas...  except their is no time I would ever want this to happen.  I hope Ashley or I never see or hear about this happening again in our life time.......

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