Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review

   I can not believe how fast 2012 went.   It was fun to go back and see some of the highlights of the year........ There were also some low points that happened in the world.

January -

   Ashley and I went to a Princess Tea at our church.  My cousin Shannon made the dress.

  February -

   Ashley and I saw Pinkalicious at Parkland.

      * I took 56 Franklin students on a fan bus for a sectional 7th grade boys basketball game.

      *  Kaitlyn and Kyle got engaged.  Ashley going to pass out bubbles at their wedding this summer....


   March -

      *  I turned 40......

      *  Shaka Smart did not come to Illinois to coach basketball.
          Right now we are pretty happy with Groce.

     * Went to Nashville for the OVC tournament to cheer on my Murray State Racers.  Went with my collage roommates.


 April -

    *  Kerry and Nick came to visit

    * Ashley played park district soccer

  * Ashley rode her first horse

 *  My sister-in law was appointed to the school board

       *  I run the half marathon and the 5K in the Illinois Marathon.
       *  Ashley ran in the Kids youth run.
May -

    *  We had Adult Prom -

      *  Abby had her baby shower
     * For Mothers Day we had a picnic in the park.


     June -

      *  Taught safety in summer school in Central High School with no air conditioning.

      *  Went to Holiday World


      July -

      *  Celebrated 4th of July in Rantoul.  With the 4th of July Race..

              *  Loved going to the Urbana Markets on Saturdays.
              *  Read 1000 Gifts for our summer bible study.
              *  Tragedy in Aurora Colo.  at the movie theater.

   August -

      *  Ashley started her last year of Pre-K

     * I started my 16th year of teaching middle school and 10th year of coaching XC.

     *  I went to Women of Faith in Indy.

     * Another season of tailgating for Illinois football games
       *  August 24th celebrated Ashley Gotcha Day!!!!!

  September -

     * Did a Beth Moore James bible study on Wed nights.  Ashley started another 607.

     * Ashley started Dance - Half tap and half ballet.

     * More tailgating -


     October -

       *  Ashley turned 5
       *  Ashley spent a week in the hospital....
      * Ashley was Super Girl for Halloween

      *  I saw Jill Savage from Hearts and Home with my life group ladies.

      * Megan made it to State in XC....


     November -
       *  Went to Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park for Thanksgiving.


        * My blog celebrated 200 posts!!!!!!
      * President Obama was reelected.
    December -
       * Went with my mom to see The Story Tour.
       *  Went to the Missouri/Illinois Game
       *   Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School
        *  Celebrated Christmas with Ashley and my family

   I can not wait for 2013!!!!!!!

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