Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loving Wednesday


 I made it 26.2 miles on Saturday and the 5 K on Friday night!

More than 18,000 runners and walkers participated in this weekend’s events, and more than 3,000 volunteers. Fantastic

I am Loving - that it is May and school is almost out.  ( I teach summer school but its Drivers Ed - everyone wants to drive)

I am Loving - that Sunday is Mothers Day and that I still have my mom - and that she is my best friend!!!!

I am Loving - that we are able to link up every Wed with what we are loving - today I was feeling like how did I get this life -   Why have I not met Mr. Right - why is it so hard to keep up with the house? Why do I have to do the yard work - why did I wait so long that its too high to cut!! Why is gas so expensive!! Why is Ashley not potty trained yet!!!!
Then I think about other people lives and what they are going threw  I would not want to trade with them.  I just need to keep plugging away. I need to go back to recording what I am thankful for.  Remembering  that  Eucharisteo - precedes the miracle.


Cait said...

so cute girl! great post! i'm so happy i came across your blog! xo can't wait to read more!

TiffanyClark said...

Congrats on your race, as well! The ice bath was breath-taking at first but felt so good! I'm still have problems with my outer knees which is from a weak IT band :( New follower as well and thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your design and that's my favorite verse at the top of your page!!