Monday, March 28, 2011

Eucharisteo - Precedes the Mircle

I am linking up with One Thousands Gifts.  Trying to have the everyday  practice  of finding thousand gifts - gratitude.  I need to make a sign with Eucaristeo - Precedes the Miracle.

 I keep walking around telling myself - Eucharisteo - precedes the miracle.  Asking myself where is the miracle in trying to potty train Ashley and she just does not want to get it.  They say she does really good at school but did not do good this weekend at home.

Then this weekend we had a fellowship with other adoptive families and I have the child that is crying because other children bump her or she yelling and swinging her arms.  I had to sit back and tell myself this is where the factor comes in thinking I deserve the perfect looking and acting family.

Joy is always obedience -    It really hit me in the book when they said Expectations kill relationships.  I think this could really help in everyday life with family and friends.

So I am still practicing my one thousand gifts journal - it is so much harder then I thought it was going to be.  I like how they talk about in the video that Gods gifts are low they are not high above - and to live palms up - so you can receive his strength.

11.  The energy I have to bake a cake after work fro small group.
12. That I have a job to get up for each morning.  I do love my job.
13. For the rain so everything can have a chance to grow and wash away the dirt.  ( Kind of like washing away our sins)
14. What I am Loving Wednesdays to remember the positives in my life for they sure outweigh the negatives.
15. The trees that will soon have leaves on them.
16. The clouds are less in the sky meaning they must be making ways for the sun to come out.
17. Birthday - Thankful to God for my wonderful parents he blessed me with.
18.  Doctors that can get you in the same day you call - when you wake up with a 102 temp - health insurance
19.  My mom who painted Ashley room - the freedom to pick colors - Pink in a little girls room just makes you smile.
20. The ability to wipe down the walls at my home for spring cleaning.
21. My mom without her I would be at rock bottom.
22. Friends that are christian to be able to go to lunch with.
23. God giving the power to forgive people that have hit rock bottom from drugs.  Hearing they  say they have really found God in all of this. Glory be to God
24.  Sleepless nights with Ashley - while she battles an ear infection - so thankful it is not a deadly disease.
25.  Time of fellowship with friends or people that will become friends that have a passion about adoption.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I so loved your post today. Strange, but as I read the title to your post, I immediately felt I wanted a sign that said those words from Ann's book. Then you said it, too! It must be something we need to do!!!! I just don't want to forget it. Thank you for your list. It's always so good to read these lists and yours was such a blessing. It was good for me to have been here!