Sunday, December 7, 2014

No Moving Target December

     I had just read this post on Dec 1st at Hands Free Mama.  It's about not being a moving target.  When there is one more thing I could get done. When the day is so packed that my blessing get covered up.
  Our Saturday was just that.  I started hyperventilating about it over Thanksgiving at the Dells.  Just thinking what all we had to do on Dec 6th.  Except I would not have missed any of it for the world.
    First it was picture day at the Y.  Ashley has one more week of winter basketball at the Y.  She has improved over the last 7 weeks.

This is Ashley and her team.  She had wonderful coaches.

After basketball we went to lunch with grandma.  Ashley and lttle D love Station Six pizza.  I think they like it cause at the booths they have TVs.  I thought they liked the pizza. 
Then Ashley had a birthday party to go to a little boy from her class.  Ashley went for 1hour cause she had her big piano recital today at Parkland.

Ashley did wonderful.  When she plays it bring tears to my eyes.  I hope she learns to love piano and I hope she continues it for a long time.

You could tell that she was thinking very hard.  Her little foot was just a shaking during the performance.

When it was over I gave her some flowers.  Her eyes just light up - "For me" "Really" - made me stop right there and think - man "Am I missing really good moments in her life?  Am I a moving target?

The recital was the same time as little D - Forster kids Christmas party.  I am so lucky my good friend Tracey took Little D to the party.  I was excited our church hosted the party this year for the foster agency Lutheran.

Look at the beautiful cookies that were donated.  The church provided each family with a $40.00 gift card from Wallmart and $10.00 gift card from Jet's pizza.  Its funny Little D did not want anything to do with the cookies cause they had so many fun activities for the children to do.

After the piano recital we run off to Mahomet to Raphael's - Warm your Tummy Chili supper for his Boys Scout troop.  Raphael worked at it all day.  I also had to run Raphael to Mahomet after basketball this morning.  Raphael did not want to smile for me.  I hope his understands it is a great accomplishment that he is still in Boys Scouts as a Freshman.  I have loved going to these over the years.  I am really proud of the man Raphael is becoming.  I sure hope he is enjoying high school.  If he ever needs anything I hope he knows his family is here for him.

Then after the supper - Ashley had another birthday party to go to.  Yes two parties in one day.  This one was at the Y for swimming.  She had a wonderful time.  I can't believe my daughter is out till 8:00 pm.
I am so blessed to be Ashley mother.  I don't think the rest of our December Saturdays are this busy.  I know I am going to try real hard not to be a moving target.

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