Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Today we were off school to celebrate Veterans Day.  Above is a picture of my Dad when he was in the Navy stationed in Washington DC.  Ashley loved learning about Veterans.  Her school yesterday had assembly and she sang a song in Spanish.

Daycare had a day of in service today so daycare was closed.  So I took Ashley, Little D, Sebastion and London to the indoor playground at our church.  London is my cousin daughter.  We babysat today since daycare was closed. Grandma brought pizza and we had apples and snacks to eat.  Indoor picnic at the playground it was great!!! Ah I just start hyperventilating thinking about my children growing up. One I don't want to get older and I don't want my mom to get any older.  Ashley said at dinner tonight the best Veterans Day ever.


This afternoon we still had a boys basketball game at home.  We played Kingsley.  Our 7th grade lost but our 8th grade won.  Tomorrow night we play our cross town school Edison.
After the game we went t eat at the local Mexican restaurant Dos Relas.  I sure hope Ashley has found memories of her childhood.  Not memories of her mother yelling at her or being upset with her.

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