Sunday, December 15, 2013


    I was kind of jealous of reading Kelly's blog about them being snowed in for 5 days last week.  I was thinking about all the things I could get done and do if I was stuck at home for 5 days.  With know where to be......
    Friday night it was post to start snowing at 3:00 and it did :).  We were kind of bummed that we did not get to babysit London.  Her parents did not end of going to their party.


It snowed about 7 inches here Friday night.  Saturday morning we were post to go to a breakfast with Santa.  I talked with my mom and we decide we should not venture out in the snow.  I hated the  thought of being snowed in.  I know I just said I was jealous but I don't like thinking I can't go get my sonic coke if I wanted to.  So I made sure I could get my car out of the cud-sac and I drove it around the block.  The roads were not that great.
My brother Kyle called and said he would pick us up.  He has a 4 wheel drive.  He also said he knew me and I was probably crying that I was going to miss a chance to eat out. That I could not stay home.  We had breakfast with Santa it was great!!!!


We stayed in the rest of the day.  Sebastion came over and played.  They played in the snow and we played the cupcake game.


Sunday the roads were cleared and back to normal.  We went to church and the kids were singing on "Big Stage".  They did a great job.


Ashley looking up to make sure she is on the "Big Screen"

I can't believe how grown up she is getting!!!

Ended off our Sunday going to small group for a potluck.  Mexican theme.  The food was great.  The friendship was wonderful!!!  I know I say this every time but I can't imagine my Sunday's night without these friends.

Hope every has a great week.  5 more days till I am a stay at home mom for two weeks!!! 

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