Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, Monday - Start Over

     I know we blog about how great our lives our.  We try and put the best pictures on the blog.  Today is a day, that I need to be honest it was not wonderful and it just kept going downhill.

    This is how my bathroom door looks now.  Little D some how locked himself in the bathroom.  I did not even know it locked.  I thought I was going to have to call the fire dept.  I called Kyle thinking he was working but it sounded like I woke him up.  He came over but he was deathly ill.  He was home sick today. 

The best part of this was Kyle after we got Little D out he went in and shut the door.  I was like don't do that.  Of course he was locked in.  It was so funny Ashley said " oh this is getting good now" he yelling at me to kick the door in.  Not sure but somehow he was able to pry himself out. The he just took off the door knob and left it like this.

Then I go to the daycare to drop Ashley off so she does not miss her bus and I get blocked in by the food truck for about 10 Min
 So I have to wait in the car with little D before I can get him to daycare.

Then I  had court for Little D.  It ended up it was continued cause the most important parties did not show up.  How sad is that????

The highlight of the morning was breakfast with my mom.   Then in the afternoon did go to Wendy's with my dad he had to have X ray so he was out. He has lost 35 pounds in 3 months. I was glad that he was able to get out.  I probably have not been out with my dad since June.  He just does not get out anymore.

Then I had to go school to supervise our boys basketball game.  We won.  Except a student player after his game in the hallway was double over and was having a hard time breathing.  We had to call 911 and I had to ride in the ambulance with him.  Wait with him till his family could get there.  They think he had a piece of candy stuck in his airways.  They did release him tonight.

I think this is God telling me I need to slow down and spend more time with God in the word.

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