Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on 5 Friday


Hopefully I can get back into blogging more. I am excited to be linking up with Darci today for 5 on 5. This is season when we look around and remember that we are so blessed. 

1.  I am thankful that nobody was seriously hurt in a tornado that touched down 15 mins from where I grew up.  It happened in Gifford IL. on Sunday afternoon

2.  Excited that "Little D" had a Thanksgiving Luncheon at Kids First on Thursday.  I was able to join him for lunch.  He was so confused what I was doing there.  Except I think deep down he enjoyed me being there for lunch.
3.  My dad's health has been failing.  I am thankful that my mom and his brother were able to get him to the Dr. on Thursday.  He is going to be having his battery replaced in his pace maker soon.
4.  Excited to be going to Raphael's 8th grade confirmation on Saturday.  It just warms my heart that he has a love for God.
5.  Super excited that Whitney and Ken are going to be having a boy in March!!

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