Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Parent Teacher Conference - Kindergarten

    Today I was on the other side of the desk.  I was the parent at the parent teacher conferences.  I have really looked forward to this day for a long time.  I have always dreamed about what my life would be like.  I had vision of living in a house with a white picket fence and lots of kids playing in the yard.  Being a room mother in my children's room.  My mom was always the room mother and everybody loved her.
   Last night at my bible study for single moms they talked about our plan A might be God's plan B for us.  I did not see myself being a single mom but God blessed me with his plan.
   So I was just so excited after conferences last night.  I know the teachers say the positives at conferences.  Ms. Lee Ashley teacher said she is doing really well.  Reading at a level 3, right on target for math, and her spelling is really great!!!  I could not be more proud!
   I did hear on WBGL today that teachers have code words.  Ms. Lee did say at some times during the day Ashley becomes police women - I said you mean bossy and she said no she just knows how things are post to be done and reminds the students.  I believe that was code for bossy. 
  I am just so proud of Ashley and I am so proud of being Ashley mom.  I can't wait till the next conference!!      


megs7827 said...

I daydream about the same things! Teachers try to come up with something the child could work on. Being a policewoman doesn't sound like anything.

Jeannine Williams said...

I just love your Ashley, and she is going to do great & wonderful things in her life!! You both are a huge blessing to our family.