Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Weekend Fun!!!!

   I have not been good at blogging lately.  I am almost at 100 posts.  So keep watching and we will have a give away!!!!!  I have been busy with teaching drivers education safety the classroom.  Friday we will be giving about 160 students their driving permits.  So be careful on the roads.
   This weekend was lots of fun with the family. It started out Thursday night.  When my sister-law Ileana and I took the kids to Barbecue at the Boneyard 150 Anniversary Celebration .  It rained a little bit and the line for the free food was way to long to stand in line with the little ones.  We did miss Raphael he was off at Boy Scout Camp I am sure he had a wonderful time.  Here are some pictures of Thursday evening.

Then Friday night we went to Urbana Blues Brews and BBQ.  This time we brought along my brother Kyle and Grandma for reinforcement with the kids.  We also got smart and brought the wagon.  They had music and tons of BBQ vendors.  The music they had for the kids were  Blues Harmonica Clinic by Joe Asselin and
Drum Circle/Percussion Jam. They also had inflatables like the night before.  Are we seeing a pattern?

Then Saturday morning - I braved it by myself and went to the Tolono Fun Day Festival Parade.  I only had a little accident with the kids wanting to go to the restroom and not knowing where a restroom was. 

Then Saturday afternoon we went to Hessel Park to Family Fun Day Restoration Urban Ministries.  This time we brought along Grandpa along with the rest of the family.  They had inflatables, hot dogs, chips, candy, music and it was all FREE!  It was so much fun!!!!  Lol can you believe inflatables three days in a row - these kids are going to think everywhere we go they are post to have inflatables.

Then on Sunday we went to Church and Ashley had swimming lessons.  As Ashley would say We are Family All Together Again.  We Love our family.

I would say it was one fun weekend and we had some tired kids!!!

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