Friday, August 21, 2015

Back To School

Can't believe my girl is in 2nd grade.  She had a wonderful 1st week.  She is going to a school that she is learning Spanish.  She also had  math problems the 2nd night.  Thankful for grandma to listen to all the moans.

We go to McDonald's on the first day of school. Except we ate at McDonald's all summer for breakfast before camp.  

I dropped her off at school the 1st day.  I told her she was going to have two breakfasts that way I could drop her off at school.  I was waiting to hear from transportation.  She wants to ride the school bus.  I felt bad no other students were eating breakfasts. Ashley was on her 2nd.

We always get a cake on the 1st day of school.  At night we celebrate with cake.  This year the cake matched her dress.

Next year Sebastian says that I need to get a cake that says 2nd grade for him and 3rd grade for Ashley.

Sebastian mom took him to school today - I got him a new first day of school shirt from  Izzy B's - you can find her on facebook.  We love her shirts. Sebastian is going into 1st grade.

I had to beg Raphael to take his picture he is going into 10th grade.  He is so much fun right now.  I keep getting on him to make sure he is doing his homework.

I hope they all have a great school year.  

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