Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loving Wednesday

   It's been crazy with start of school and XC and Ashley starting kindergarten.  We still have "Little D" our foster placement.   I wanted to check in this week with What I'm Loving Wednesday......

( except something wrong and I am not able to load pictures)

I'm Loving - University of Illinois football team won on Saturday.  We were the underdogs. 

I'm Loving - my cross country team!!!  I really do love coaching.  They ran really good Friday night - I kind of thought it was my coaching - except another coach told me they are just getting in better shape each race.  I guess I am getting them in better shape.

I'm Loving - that my mom is retired - she helps us out so much - but I just love being able to call her up and she is so close by.  Ashley would move in with them if we would let her.

I'm Loving - that this weekend we are celebrating Sebastion birthday he turned 5 this month.

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