Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Start To The 4th!

We had a busy Saturday with no real plans.  We started out this morning by going to the parade in Tolono for their fun days.  We picked up Grandma and brought her along.

Ashley wanted to take pictures while we waited.  She loves to take silly pictures.

Erica Harold was in the parade.  Erica is from Urbana and is running for Congress. 

After the parade we walked to their park and they had a few booths and food - except the lines were way to long.  Ashley did find the glitter tattoo booth.

Then we went off to see the new Urbana outdoor aquatic center.  Today was post to be their grand opening of the 9.1 million facility.  Except its not ready to open till next week.
Except we have a problem even though we are 5 years old.  We are not tall enough for the slides.
Then in the evening we walked from my mom's house up the street to Windsor to watch Bloomington Gold Tour - its was a parade of corvettes.  There were so many cars....  It was really neat.

Except this is what Ashley and Sebastian did during the parade of cars.

Ashley bottom tooth is ready to come out.  She just lost the one next to it.  So she is very obsessed with the tooth.  So she had to take pictures of her tooth.  I wonder if it will be out by Monday?
Hopefully we are off to a great start for the 4th of July.  We will hopefully have a busy week.

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