Friday, May 31, 2013

Mom's Retirement

27 years ago my mom went to work for Parkland College.  I always remember my mom working.  I think what I loved most about my mom she did not go to work till I was in middle school/high school.  That she was home when we were growing up.    I think that is a huge part of why we are successful today.

She worked at Chute Air Force Base for Parkland College then went to work at Parkland main campus which we said she was now working in the real world.  Even with  my mom working full time the last five years.  She was done anything I needed with taking care of Ashley.  I am so thankful for that also.

I am so excited that she is now living in Champaign and is retired something that people dream about making it to retirement.  I hope her and my dad have a wonderful time.

I am so excited to keep my mom busy - I just have all these ideas for her.  I am sure she will be excited.  In know time I will have her running to Franklin bringing me stuff I have forgotten, working the games, etc.  I think she would make a great mentor for some of the young ladies we have at Franklin.

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