Friday, February 8, 2013

Franklin 7 4A State Basketball

When your team makes it to State you love being the Athletic Director.  Franklin 7th grade boys basketball team made it to 7 4A state.  It was held in Normal Kingsley.  We played last Saturday and won 2 games on Saturday.  So then we played Thursday night in the Championship Title Game.  We played East St. Louis.  We lost except we played hard showed lots of character and heart.

We have a wonderful lady in our community and comes out to sporting events and takes pictures Liz Brunson .  Her kids are grown I believe she has grandkids now.  I wish a had talent like her and then use it to bless other people.

So here are some pictures of the night - she took 192 pictures I won't load them all.

  The game begins!!!  The crowd is ready........ We took 2 fan buses 92 students.  I bet a good 50 students got ride to Normal.

The students were wonderful!!!!  I think they will remember the game for years to come.

It was a great season.


Except I am ready for spring break and I already have schools calling about what dates we are playing next year...  I don't want to think that far ahead!!!!

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