Monday, March 19, 2012

Staycation - Part 1

   This week we are on Spring Break -  Love being a teacher!!!  We are having a Staycation - sometimes those end up being the best vacations.
   Monday started off  by Ashley and I went to I -Power open gym.  Ashley loves going - she walks in and tells the lady that is working - I always come here.  We have only been 3 times.

  Ashley jumping on the trampoline she loved this.  Ashley is taking a gymnastics class on Thursday at her school Chesterbrook - the neat part about it the teacher is Bill Staley and he taught me for many years.  I never thought he would be teaching my daughter gymnastics.

Ashley jumping into the foam pit.  Ashley did practice her  somersaults while we were at the gym.

After the gym - Ashley went to daycare for awhile.  While I went to tan and run.   I also went to lunch with my mom.  This is the best time to eat on campus at the University of Illinois while the students are away.

We ate at a new Mexican restaurant Maize - they even have a website. This is a hidden gem in Champaign.   My mom had a chicken burrito it was only $4.50 she loved it.  I should of took a picture.  I had a Quesadilla it was really good also.  I will be going back.

Then tonight Ashley and I and River went to Skateland.  The church was having a social there.  This is the first time that I have tried Ashley on skates.  She was so excited to be going. 

Ashley with her skates on ready to hit the rink. 

River and Ashley ready to go!  Ashley just knows this is going to be the best thing ever.

This is the start - this might take awhile -

We got back up and tried again.  We did have a few tears.  We made it around the rink 4 times in 2 hours.  We did stop and play a few video games, visit the snack bar and check out the restrooms.

This did help us get around a little faster - I had to laugh they charged us extra $3.00 for this extra help.

After all that skating we needed to go to one of our favorite places  Cocomero So many frozen yogurt flavors to choose from and a fantastic selection of both fruit and sweet toppings. The yogurt itself and the available toppings are always fresh and delicious.

Love these girls!  Not a bad way to start our Staycation!!!!

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