Friday, February 17, 2012

Show Us Your Life

Today I am linking up with Kelly on singles mom's.  I would have to say I do not feel like a single mom because I have my family's help.  They never tell me no when I ask them to keep Ashley for me.  They treat Ashley like a daughter.  For that I am so grateful.  Being Athletic  Director is not set up for single mom's.  With my family's help I have been able continue that passion.

I like to say that I am single by choice.  Ashley is adopted it was a God's doing the entire journey.  I am not going to say I do not worry daily if I teaching Ashley everything she needs to know.  I do strive to surround her around loving people.  I will not lie it does break my heart when she ask about a Daddy.  Or I see T-shirts that say Daddy's little princess.  Or when its time for the daddy daughter dance and our friends our picking out their dresses.

Teaching middle school and hearing stories of children that come from single parents and the people that have been in and out of their lives.  Makes me more aware that I need to be very careful of who I let into Ashley and I lives.  In this season in my life I am focusing on Ashley.  I love taking her to soccer planet and tennis and just last weekend we went to our first play.  I love being a mom and we are a family. 


Anonymous said...

Your doing a wonderful thing, keep it up!

Meg said...

came over from Kelly's.. just wanted to encourage you to continue rocking it as a Mom!I really admire your "intentional" nature for exposing your family to new people and how important it is to be grounded as mom and daughter!

Prairie Rose said...

I too feel that "am I really doing the right thing for them?" nudge when I see the things other kids do with their daddies that mine never will have... I tell the kids (well, the oldest -- the other two are too young yet to know the difference) that they're extra special because God is their daddy, and point out the verse that says He is the Father of the fatherless... So far, that's worked. :)

I HAVE done a lot of research and talked with other kids who grew up without a daddy, and am happy to learn that the problems kids tend to have is actually coming from BROKEN homes, or having that back-and-forth tug of war between mom and dad, that children of divorce deal with. It seems that children where no father is in the picture or ever has been don't suffer the same problems -- it's the conflict, not the lack of a father, that is the big issue. So that's encouraging. :)