Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week Till Christmas!!!!

   I can not believe it is 1 week till Christmas!!!  I am so not ready - months ago I had all these wonderful ideas - now I have no idea how I will be ready.  Ashley keeps telling Santa she wants a Minnie mouse - I have no idea what she is talking about - because sometimes she says Minnie mouse planting flowers.  Santa could be in trouble this year.
  We did get Elf on the Shelf this year - we named him Skinny - but Ashley is not really into him - and does not want to look for him in the mornings.  She tells me he is not watching her!!!!
   Today the children sang in big church Ashley was more into watching her self on the big screen then singing.  She loves to come on stage and wave to everybody when she gets out there.  Who knows she may just be the next Champaign Fair Queen.
   Then Ileana and the boys and Grandma and Grandpa went off to
a Brunch with Santa - it was really fun just all to be together.  Ashley said this is going to be the "best Christmas"  - I sure hope so - everything is so pure threw her eyes.

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